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The Internet has grown to become a worldwide marketplace. Anyone who has been bombarded by pop-up ads and seen their email boxes fill to the brim with junk advertisements knows this. As a savvy business owner, you know the importance of creating and maintaining a website to boost sales and garner more customers. However, in a desperate attempt to get their sales message onto the web as quickly as possible, many website operators are content to write and publish second-rate web copy - the type of copy that couldn't sell winter coats in Iceland. It is extremely important to the success of your website that you only use copy specifically designed to your needs - the type of copy produced by professional copywriters. This is the copy you will receive when you come to Custom Papers!

Our on-staff professional, custom copywriters have over a decade of experience creating winning copy that has boosted the sales and search engine rankings of numerous companies!

The Golden Rule about Copywriting - Never Choose Form Over Substance

How many times have you visited a commercial website that had you laughing so hard your sides hurt, or come across a website so slick it reminded you of the trailer for the new Star Wars movie, but after leaving you couldn't remember what the site was selling? This happens when those who wrote the copy break the Golden Rule - they choose form over substance. This occurs way more often than it should, and you definitely don't want it to happen with your website.

Effective and well-written website copy isn't all funny jokes, bright lights, and dancing bears.

Humor and advanced graphic design is great, but your web copy must also be able to inform your visitors about your product or service, explain its benefits, and motivate them to buy it! That is what copywriting is all about. When you come to Custom Papers, you can rest assured knowing that substance will always be chosen over form.

Motivation - The Force Behind Every Sale You Will Make!

The Five Great Motivators: Despite all of the small differences that make the human race so wonderfully diverse, all human beings are driven by the same basic motivations. Psychologists have identified five "Great" motivators, and virtually all good web copy creates sales by catering to one of these forces. These include fear, exclusivity, guilt, greed, and the need for approval. When our custom copywriters tap into these basic motivators, you will see your sales increase dramatically!

The Soft Motivators: In addition to these five great motivators, the consumer is also motivated by what is referred to as "soft" motivators. The soft motivators are convenience and pleasure, and are utilized best when combined with one or more of the five great motivators. By working closely with our on-staff professional copywriter, you will be able to determine which of these basic motivators, combined with the soft motivators, will work best to encourage visitors to purchase your products.

An Astounding Grasp of Written Language

The use of written language is a vitally important aspect of web copywriting. Creating website copy is very different from writing an article in a newsletter or composing a custom essay, book report, or a research paper. The use of language must be very deliberate. Our copywriters have worked their entire lives developing an astounding grasp of language, and understand exactly how to use words to influence buying behavior. They know which tense to use, which words are weak and which are strong, and which words should be absolutely avoided at all costs.

Virtual Copy - Real World Experience

When you choose to come to Custom Papers for your web copywriting, you choose to work with writing and editing professionals. Although we have been known as the best and most reliable custom essay, term paper, research paper, book report, and dissertation writers, we had also great success in creating the most effective web copy for a number of serious and long-term customers. Our on-staff copywriters have spent years perfecting their craft, and take great pleasure in hearing of the success their work brings website owners. Come to CustomPapers.com and let us create your website copy, and you will receive copy that will be working hard to increase your sales - at all hours of the day and night!

* Reference: Custom Web Copywriting Tips

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