"My Personalized CustomPapers Research Writer Was Great..."

Hello Jeff. What brings you to CustomPapers.com?

Actually, I did some research on-line. Although there were many web sites that offered custom paper writing for cheaper, I did not trust them. I mean, if they are paying their writers a paltry amount, who knows where their writers are getting their papers from. They are probably cut and pasting their work. Plus, I liked that CustomPapers.com offered me the option to bid for my essay. That lets me know that CustomPapers.com offers an individualized service that is oriented towards the very specific needs of their clients. It also seemed like a fair process. After all, the level of difficulty for different papers varies so I knew that I was paying a fair amount for the service. Also, I liked the security -- I know that a writer picked up my paper so there is a guarantee that my research paper or essay will be written. I didn't have to waste my time waiting for an essay that wasn't going to be custom-written.

What do you think makes CustomPapers.com different from other web sites?

Well in my opinion, CustomPapers.com offers a superior product. There are many websites that offer papers for less, but the thing is, they are probably plagiarized. That;s right -- they are recycled papers being resold again and again. With CustomPapers.com you can be assured that your paper is 100% custom-written and what's more, it is tailored to your exact specifications. In the order form, there is a section for comments and you basically can write in any instructions that you like. And, after a writer picks up your paper you can establish contact with him or her through email. Once my paper was picked up, I was contacted by the writer. I even emailed her an article that she incorporated in to my paper. She also kept me posted of the status of my paper. I felt as if I had my own personalized research writer doing the paper for me! Other web sites leave you high and dry. Once they take your money, you never hear from them again. Sometimes, they'll even tell you that they can't do your paper (a week later) and offer you a refund. CustomPapers.com offers you a level of professionalism that other companies aren't able to match.

Why did you turn to CustomPapers.com in the first place?

I think that my situation is not at all unusual. I know that there are many students out there who have responsibilities such as a job and extracurricular obligations outside of school. Some students may rely on custom term paper writing services for all their coursework. But I think that the majority of use this service discriminately meaning we use it for particular classes and papers. As a student who has a demanding internship and a job, I don't have the time to devote myself to all of my classes. That's why I have to pick and choose the classes that I do have time to concentrate on. I think that is part of the educational process. I mean school is not just about the classes but the life skills that you learn as a student and knowing what you can and can't handle is part of that process. Plus you have to be intelligent enough to use all the resources available to you. As biology major, I utilize the writing and researching services offered by CustomPapers.com to help me out with my general education classes, classes basically outside of my major. That way I can focus on the classes that matter most to me and my academic career.

As an ESL student, can you recommend our services to other students in your situation?

Definitely. An ESL student has special needs -- although I believe that I have mastered the English language orally, the written aspect of the language is another story completely! I have tried to write papers in the past and what ends of happening is that I attempt to directly translate my native language into English. This means that the language comes out very bungled -- it ends up being a weird mix of an English version of my native language. It is hard to translate properly using the right grammar and English expressions. As an ESL student, I find that the CustomPapers.com offers an invaluable resource and I would encourage other ESL students to take advantage of it and stop struggling with the written word :)

Have you taken advantage of CustomPapers.com editing service?

CustomPapers.com also offers essay, term paper, research paper, and dissertation editing service which is also a learning tool in and of itself. After a writer edited my work, I went over the paper and picked up a few strategies that I will use next time when I write a term paper. But for a high quality paper, I recommend the custom paper and essay writing service. That way, you are guaranteed to receive the best essay possible!

What would you say to those who argue that CustomPapers.com is too expensive?

The first thing that I would say is that your education is worth it. Why would you bother with websites that offer an inferior product? If you are going to use this service, wouldn't you want to use the best service out there? True, there are many websites that offer papers at a cheaper price. But is your academic integrity worth risking? These papers are plagiarized numerous times and who knows how many people have a copy of the exact same paper (maybe even someone in your class)? These essays will be noticed right away as being plagiarized papers and will jeopardize your academic career. CustomPapers.com promises 100% custom written work, that is a paper that is written and researched from scratch, and I can vouch for its high quality. CustomPapers.com offers completely original work at a reasonable cost. What's most important, in my opinion, is that CustomPapers.com guarantees that your paper will be completed before they take your money. Only after a writer is assigned to your project, does CustomPapers.com charge you. That way you can be assured that your writing assignment will be completed on time. With CustomPapers.com you can be assured that your essay or term paper will be custom written --- and isn't your peace of mind worth the cost? I think it is. Besides, do your research and you will find that CustomPapers.com offers a high quality service at a reasonable cost.

Did you find any flaws in the custom essay writing services offered by CustomPapers.com?

It might sound pretty strange especially to those traumatized by other, less reliable websites, but I actually got more than I expected! Not only did I receive a wonderful, 100% custom written work, on time, at a reasonable cost, but the academic writer who completed my paper was especially nice and accommodating. I needed specific sources and also wanted her to incorporate some of my class notes in the paper and she complied with both requests. I got the exact paper that I wanted! With other web sites, they will not only stray from your instructions but they will also ignore you! I am so thankful to the research writer for giving me a great custom paper that had all the elements that I requested -- Thank you CustomPapers.com!

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