MBA Essay Writing: Five Tips to Get You in the School of Your Choice!

For many dedicated students, getting into a top-notch business school is one of their biggest goals in life. After all, acceptance into a premier business school can have quite an impact on an individual's future. So you've made sure your GPA is flawless. You studied for the GMAT so hard your parents filed a missing person report because they didn't see you for two weeks. Now you are preparing to apply to business school. You have to make sure your MBA essay is fantastic. Even if you don't have the flawless GPA or stellar GMAT scores, a well-written MBA essay can maximize your chances of acceptance. The following tips will help you to produce the best MBA essay possible and give the admissions board exactly what they are looking for.

Be Sure to Answer the Question that Is Asked of You

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised to hear that admission officers often receive essays that do not directly answer the question that is asked. This may be because the question asks the applicant to describe his or her weaknesses or a situation where he or she fell short of expectations. To get around this, many applicants write about other topics, hoping the admissions review board will not notice. Guess what? They do notice. In fact, by not addressing the essay question, members of the review board will have a much lower opinion of the essay than if weaknesses or faults had been described. The essay questions are designed to be tough. Don't try to get out of it by not answering them.

Stay Focused on the Topic

Similar to the above tip, it is very important that you stay focused on the topic question. Too many applicants wander off in their essays, discussing tangents that don't really have anything to do with the original question. Make sure that every word written in the essay somehow relates to the explanation or answering of the essay topic.

Be Concise - Don't Ramble on Forever

As was stated previously, members of the admissions board often read 50 MBA essays each day. That can get a little tedious, so it's a good idea to be as concise as possible when putting your ideas to paper. Concise writing is good writing, and it will prevent the members of the admission board from falling asleep when reading your essay. In addition, most MBA essays have a word limit, so by being concise you can be sure to get as many of your ideas as possible within the allotted space.

Be Truthful - Don't Lie About or Exaggerate Accomplishments

Because entry into a prestigious school has become such a competitive process, many applicants feel the temptation to lie or exaggerate about their accomplishments. This is one of the worst decisions an applicant can make. Not only is it unethical, it will completely destroy any possibility of acceptance into that school if the admissions board discovers the lie. This is a risk that any applicant should be unwilling to take. Unfortunately, many applicants believe that the admission board will be unable to detect such falsehoods. The fact is, members of the admission board routinely review up to 50 essays in a single day. After seeing so many essays, they are able to tell which ones seem to be inconsistent and unrealistic.

Revise Your MBA Essay

It is very rare that anyone ever writes a perfect admissions essay or a great MBA entrance essay on the first try. That is what rough drafts are for. Once you have completed the first draft of your admissions essay, let it sit for a day or to before you make any changes. This will allow you to look at your essay with fresh eyes and see any mistakes or inconsistencies that you may have missed. Continue to revise your essay until it is perfect. It is a very good idea to get others to read your custom essay, as they may be able to see mistakes that you cannot.

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