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Entrance into the country's top business schools continues to become more and more competitive each year. Gaining entrance into schools such as Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard requires an absolutely magnificent application package. A glowing GPA, terrific GMAT score, and strong letters of recommendation are not enough - they are only part of the package. To have all the bases covered, top students must also have dynamic, well-written MBA essays. Without a strong essay, the GPA, GMAT score, and recommendations don't look quite as good. Conversely, a dynamite essay can often make up for areas that may be slightly lacking. Either way, the MBA essay can play a very important role in your academic future.

Why the MBA Essay Is So Important

The MBA essay is what distinguishes you from thousands upon thousands of other applicants. A well-crafted MBA essay will represent who you are, allowing the admissions board to see you as a person, rather than just another number. After all, a GPA is just a number, a GMAT score is just a number, and every recommendation letter paints every applicant in the same glowing light. A good MBA essay will tell your story, and allow the admissions board to see why they should pick you from the crowd., the #1 Resource for MBA Essay Assistance

Now that you know how important a good MBA essay is, you should also know that can provide you with the very best MBA essay assistance.

After you have received your topic, we will write you a fabulous MBA essay from scratch.

Or, if you have already written a draft, we will edit your essay to make it the very best it can be. In addition, you will have direct email access with the professional writer who is working on your essay, so you can keep track of the progress every step of the way.

Custom MBA Essays

If you would like the professional writing team at to write you an example MBA essay from scratch, this is how the process will work.

MBA Essay Editing

After you submit the draft of your essay, our professional editors will perform various steps to make sure the essay is as good as it can be.

Proofing: The essay will be proofed for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as for mechanical usage. Errors such as these should never be allowed to impact the quality of your MBA essay.

Focus: The focus of your essay must remain aligned to the essay question. Far too often MBA essays stray from the topic question. Our editors will make sure your essay remains firmly focused on the essay topic.

Contouring: There is a certain beauty in the flow of a well-written essay. Our experienced and reliable custom writing team will make sure that your essay flow smoothly from one idea to the next so that admission board members will actually enjoy reading your essay.


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Don't settle for just an average essay -- come to for MBA essays that are exceptional!

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