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When you come to CustomPapers.com for assistance in completing a writing assignment, whether it is an undergraduate essay, research paper, graduate project, or doctoral dissertation, you can rest assured that our writers will provide you with the highest quality researching service and will satisfy all your expectations. However, even if you prefer to write your own papers, CustomPapers.com can still be of help! Our essay writing staff has a great deal of access to a wide range of both academic and professional sources of information, and we are able to share this wealth of knowledge with you.

When you are assigned your writing assignment, your professor may establish strict guidelines for the types of allowable sources for a custom written research paper. Some professors require such a large amount of differing sources that many students have difficulty meeting the minimum source requirement. This can spell disaster for the success of the paper, as many professors may not be willing to accept such work.

Many students just don't know the best sources to use for their particular type of project.

This is where we can help!

We have access to a wide variety of sources of information, including:

Primary Sources vs. Secondary Sources

This is an area of confusion for many students. Many professors require are that the majority, or perhaps even the entire amount, of the material used for your paper is from primary sources. Unfortunately, many students don't know the difference between a primary and secondary source. Primary materials consist of raw data - such as original research reports, letters, writings, interviews, first hand observation, or scientific findings. The types of primary materials used will be different depending upon the subject. Secondary materials are books or articles that analyze primary materials to develop an idea or opinion about the subject. Be sure to check the source of your research information in order to determine if it is primary or secondary.

Researching Sources: Methods of Delivery

Once we establish the quantity and types of sources you need and have gathered them, we can deliver all materials through both electronic and paper format (through use of email, fax or regular mail.) Make sure your custom research is done to the best of your ability, and let CustomPapers.com supply you with the best resources available!

* Reference: How to Perform Academic Research

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