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[Jun 7] Dear CustomPapers, I am writing to give a positive feedback on one of your writers, Kimberlee. I have no doubt that Kim is one of the best, if not the best writer that I have worked with. More than just making sure my paper is ready before due date, her professionalism brings her to another level, ensuring the work I receive is always to my expectation. For my last paper, Kim has delivered yet another quality work. I could feel so much effort and time spent by her. Kim has never put me to a 'KIV List' once her task is completed. Her prompt replies to my request for amendments gave me the assurance and confidence to have a peace of mind while time is tight. I am very pleased with her working ethics and attitude and trust that she will always, and only deliver her best. I am so glad to have Kim as my writer and she has definitely made a good name for CustomPapers! I cannot thank you enough Kim, and of course CustomPapers! Keep up the good work! Regards, Edwin, IL

[Mar 30] Hi, just wanted to let you know that Sheri finished my paper, and it exceeded my expectations. I wanted to send a big thank you for offering such great service. Your communication and honesty through the bumps really kept me calm. This was the first time I used a writing service and I did have some concerns, especially since I needed a rush job. Wow, your sincere effort to help me get this done and to get me such a great writer, really makes one believe in the kindness of others. I have to wonder if some other writing company would have just refunded my money when things weren't going well, or given me a mediocre paper. Your sincere effort and determination to me help get this essay done seems almost heroic. All my best to you, Yvonne, RI

[Jan 19] I would like to say how great your service was. Ellis was very helpful and on time. However, I forgot to mention that I was referred to you by Jordan and she said you guys were very professional. Patrick, Canada

[Sep 2] Hi, thank you for your email. You truly have made me feel a world better. I have 'already' ordered the paper. My writer is Shawn, and my order # is 6*****. Believe me !! I am sure I 'will' be using your services again, if Shawn is as good as you and your customer service has been. I have already told some of my friends about you!! Again, Thank You! and if I have any other questions I will ask. (I am sorry for you 8-} ) Have a great holiday! Sincerely, Nora, TX

[Aug 5] Jenny - I was able to read through my essay and I've very pleased with the product. The resources you listed are located in the APUS library. You did an excellent job!! My apology for the panic attack. I should have known better because I've experienced nothing but great service from this company. Again, thanks for everything. Have a great week! Tyler, NH

[Jul 26] I have received my paper. Thanks guys, I was just worried because this was my first time ordering a paper and was nervous of my deadline. Thanks so much! Cam, IL

[Jul 9] A credit toward my next order is great. Thank you so much. I've used your service several times in the past for model papers and have always been pleased with them. Thank you so much for the fast replies and clearing up this issue so quickly! Have a great night: Angela, OH

[Jun 28] Thanks again, you have my business thanks to good reviews that I came across and your BBB rating. Aline, Canada

[Jun 13] The level of writing is great, though I do have some little concerns about the content vs. what I asked for. I e-mailed her my concerns and I'm just waiting to see if she understands what it is I specifically need. Pending that confirmation I'm fine to go forward, thanks. Josh, WA

[May 9] Thanks for being honest, it is a little more expensive but I have tried to work with other companies and have not been successful. Since you guys are providing great customer service I have decided to take the offer. I made the payment and look forward to receiving the completed paper tomorrow. I hope the quality of the paper is just as great as the customer service! Thanks again, Trivia, AZ

[Apr 26] I got it! Thank you so much George! I appreciate how prompt you were in completing the paper before the deadline! Now that's what I call great service! Stephanie, HI

[Apr 7] Hi, That seems fair and reasonable. As I wish to make this a long term business relationship, I accept your offer. Please send me a Paypal payment request and I will make payment so the writers can start very soon. Thanks, Ahmad, CA

[Mar 5] Thank you. I really appreciate and value the service that Custom Papers provide. You all have been providing me with great service for over 9 years. Special thanks to Jim, Margaret, Randall, and Nita for all of the hard work and dedication they put into their work; it surely shows. Lastly, many thanks to you for all that you do. Respectfully, Roy, IL

[Mar 3] Thank you for a great paper. I have more work awaiting (for good deals only!) Mark, HI

[Feb 29] Thank you. I appreciate the work you did and the timeliness of it. I have to admit I was skeptical, but I will certainly utilize you in the future. I have no problem recommending this site to anyone needing help. Thanks again. Carolyn, MI

[Feb 5] To Custom Papers, Thank you so much for your help. I certainly plan to continue using your services because overall, I have received great literatures from your writers and based on them I can start working on my own version of the papers. Once again, thank you.. Sincerely, Samantha, Canada

[Jan 30] Thank you so much! This company is very professional. Thank you for fast replies. Sandy, FL

[Jan 14] I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a great job you did on these model papers. I am extremely pleased with your work and I appreciate your level of effort. Thank you for all your hard work! Craig, CO

[Dec 2] I would like to send my sincerest thank you and job well done for the assistance I had with a project that I was really stressed about. Tom was my writer and I must say he was thorough and fulfilled my needs beyond my expectations. Thanks for offering a service that will give appropriate reccommendations and guidance......I would have been lost without your essay help services. Thanks to Kevin for walking me through the process. Dawn, CA

[Oct 27] My deepest apreciation of the work all of u put in this site.Tom my designated writer did an outstanding job helping with the inspiration and the structure of the paper I needed.His work is an excelent inspirational paper.I wish to continue the relation with this site as i will need various types of papers.Thank u so so much and i guess for now its all we have to do. With my apreciation and respect. Monica, NC


[Sep 5] Dear Jane, You are a knowleadable writer and the quality of your work is very impressive! It was the first time I had someone revising a paper online for me and I was worried about the final results... The suggestions you gave me were very helpful and I felt like I had an easy guideline to follow to make the research paper better. I just finished making all the corrections and I sent to my professor. Actually, you have my professor's style of writing/revising, expert doctors!!! Thank you is not enough to convey my appreciation for you! I would like to have you revising or writing future example papers I may request if you would be available. They will always be in the special education area. Thank you very much, Lidia, MO

[Aug 3] Hi CP, Thank you for another great paper, and for helping me out on this! I really means a lot to me. The revision made the paper A LOT easier to work with, and the writing made a lot more sense. Once again, another very satisfied assignment! Thank you! :) Amanda, UK

[July 28] Thanks so much! I appreciate the prompt responses and the professional customer service you all provide. I will SURELY use you all in the future and I have recommended that my boyfriend use you all, and he is. He just got his quote yesterday because he needs research help with his essay. Again, thanks! Mali, GA

[July 20] Thanks again and Custom Papers, I will definitely use your services again when i need the best help and will always highly recommend this service for those who need help in the future. You all have been wonderful and stood by your policy which i admire. Honesty, and trust is the best you can ever find and when you find a remarkable source to do business with you keep at your bedside and know you are in good hands. Thank you all so very much and may God bless all of you!! Terry, NY

[July 7] CustomPapers.com reps and Tom (writer), I really enjoying writing my own papers, but had to change my original topic and had minimal time for completion due to my job. Your team ("Tom") has never failed me. Thank you very much. V/r, Kimberly, DC

[June 2] Dearest Writer, Thank you for your kind advice and supportl This has been a great pleasure to have you in my life at this point of my education. I hope I would be ablle to work with you more often. I have more things that I have to do before the end of the month. Would you be able to help me for that? Please let me know how to get in touch with you. I enjoyed your writing. Sincerely, Adrian, Kuwait

[May 18] Thank you for your honesty in your limitations, instead of distributing an inferior product. It is appreciated and I will keep you in mind when I need another essay. Thank you, Anthony, Australia

[May 6] Thank you very much for the quick response. Usually it never goes to junk mail and I checked for friday junk but it was in Wed junk. Thanks for your help. This is why I love Custom Papers :) Candice, IN

[Apr 29] Ok I actually just read through it and I must say it's absolutely fantastic... you are a great writer. I was nervous about using one of these writing services because I never have before, but this is honestly better than something I could write. Thank you for putting in an honest effort, I really appreciate it. Thank you for being an honest company, when so many others in the writing industry are not. Matt, MS

[Mar 7] You guys should put me on your favorite customer list, I been using you all since 2005. Lol. You're the best!!! Before your company I used another site and Plagiarism was found but with you guys it's original, and citation is correct. Thanks Again, Glenn, Australia

[Feb 28] Faye... Thank you so much for your work on this paper - it is beautifully and articulately written and actually expresses my own personal views on the topic. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to execute that paper as well as you did. All the best to you. Thom, MS

[Feb 9] Hello Sharon, I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness and support in helping me with my uni work. I got into uni!!!! You just absolutely brilliant and I will be using you in the future if I need your assistance. You have such a brilliant mind. thanks again, Nicole, RI

[Jan 13] Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that I got an A in the course. I really appreciate your help on this. It was a very well-written essay that conformed to my specifications...I waited to know my grade before replying and appreciating your efforts on this... Thank you very much. Thanks, Jen Jen, Canada

[Jan 11] WOW!! you are truly amazing and took a load off as I have a total of 7 papers due. I wish I could afford to send them all to you. I cannot thank you enough and for being early as both aren't due til next month. Lisa, AZ

[Dec 7] I am so relieved that you are a creditable company and will honor your representation of quality custom work for me. Thank you so much! Abraham, NY

[Nov 12] Hello! First of all I would like to tell that I am very pleased with the overall outcome of this essay!!!! The only changes that I would like to be made are coming, most likely, from a miscommunication from my side, and those are the sentences related to childcare. All the guidelines that I`ve forwarded to you, got written in few minutes so it was very easy to make myself unclear. Florence, UK

[Oct 20] Thanks Todd, You did a really good proposal for this, I'm REALLY impressed. I'm happy to request you for any future assignments in this area, which won't be too far away. For example, I will need to do a subsequent report on any aspect of this proposal. Would that work for you? It's been a privilege working with you on this and I appreciate everything you've done. Sincerely, Kevin, TX

[Oct 11] Hello, thanks alot Andrew. I loved it, and i am so thankful for your help. i appreciate it, and the paper is great. thanks, Dana, Australia

[Sep 3] Hi, Thank you so much, this has helped me out a lot! I loved your writing style and wish I was able to right as effectively. I also agreed with Dew's argument so I did not think it was at all biased. I will definitely ask for you again if I get into a bind like this! Thanks, Malena, Canada

[Aug 29] Thank you so much erika! i use you guys all the time but I went to a different website this time just because i was crunched for time ( im in a bigger pickle now) and i didn't have much money at the time. That website blatantly copied and pasted words directly from a website. NOT COOL!!! Taylor, CO

[Jul 13] Hello Brian, Thank You for the wonderful job in both the time constraints and completing a magnificent dissertation. I would like to thank you for everything from the feedback proposal and follow-up. Once approved and accepted, I'll love to write a positive feedback letter to CustomPapers.com regarding your performance. I know that if I would ever need anything written again, I'll just contact CustomPapers and ask for you. Thank You once again and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Torrence, NH

[Jul 9] Dearest Todd, I have read your paper so many times thank you for putting my thoughts in words. I'm truly grateful for your support and Knowledge. Sometimes I think we need to know there is hope around us, in the faith we place in all who care for us, in healthcare and in life. Hope is the spark we need to heal when our spirits are broken for whatever reason. You have restored mine with your guidance here. I hope to acknowledge your wisdom in my commitment in teaching the compassion footprint as a template for compassionate care. I appreciate the references enclosed and I will read them. May every good wish and blessing be yours. Kind Regards, Rosalia, Ireland

[Jun 30] To whom it may concern, I'd like to acknowledge the performance of the support team that I've been experiencing in last couple of month. I was impressed by the efficient response, constant communication and respect for the client that the writing support team have been providing to me. From my point of view, such professional approach to the essential part of the business as customer service, can only lead to high customer satisfaction, loyalty and company success. Within rocketing market competitiveness, the people who understand the true value of customer service, are invaluable asset for the company. Therefore, I wish to you all the best in your career. Your sincerely, Violetta, UK

[Jun 8] LIFESAVER! I figured you don't get many people contacting to compliment and let you know how great you are helping people that are truly in need of your service! Thanks that's all!!!! William, CA

[May 29] Dear Writer and CustomPapers Customer Service, My faith has been completely restored in your service!!!! I am 100% satisfied and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Thank you for taking the time to address and resolve my concerns. You have proven to be have the ability to provide nothing but professional and quality research service!!! Sincerely, Yolanda, Australia

[May 21] Hi Stephen, Got it and I just got done looking everything over. It looks great you really did a teriffic job on the paper and I can't tell you how pleased I am. You helped me big time. I know who I am going to request next time I need this example research done again. Thank you very much. Ellis, UK

[May 13] James, I just wanted to get back to you regarding the paper you helped me with last month. I received an A as my final grade in the course, but I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again. I appreciated your help more than you know. Regards, Nancy, CA

[May 2] Hi Olive, I just want to thank you for such an excellent paper! It surpassed all of my expectations. If you would like me to write a review or put in a good word, I'd be more than happy to do so. Thanks Again, Jimmy Jimmy, NC

[Apr 14] Thanks, This is the first time I have used your company and you have done a good job for me. I have several other paper sin the next few weeks and will send them to you. Olive, NJ

[Apr 8] HI Miriam, Thank you so much! I was just completely ripped off my **********.com (the writer probably didn't speak English), and you have no idea how wonderful and relieving it is to be working with you and Vanessa. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from the writer! Best, Carolyn, IL

[Mar 29] Thank you guys i received my work even before the deadline . It looks impressive . Andrew has done a wonderful job . Thanks Miriam,Venessa, and Roger for putting up with me . Glen, Australia

[Mar 16] Hi Stephen, It was interesting reading the paper and if there is anything I can do please let me (I was wondering if there was a way I can rate your work since you made me a happy customer). Thanks. Best Regards, Monica, UK

[Feb 22] She is an amazing writer..I have no doubt about that..It was just a misunderstanding. She probably has 100 other assignments that are due one after another. I can definitely understand. So I have full faith and confidence with her and your writing service. Ian, WA

[Jan 28] As always you rock! Thanks for sending Miriam. This is my last semester in school whew-hew!! I don't know what I would have done without CustomPapers.com. I reviewed the site, but didn't see where I could post my testimonial. I have worked with you over 2 years and your patience and professionlism has been consistent. The work produced has been nothing short of A's. Your staff is great!! If you're hiring let me know LOL. Enjoy your evening, again thanks for dealing with my craziness!! :-) Denise, VT

[Jan 7] Wow. All I can say is wow. This is so much more than what I expected and I love the paper. I can see that you worked very hard on it and I hope you pride yourself on your excellence in writing. I am glad they chose you to write my paper and I appreciate it very much. Thanks Again. Casey, Australia

[Dec 11] Excellent. My friends and fellow classmates have decide to use you as well. Especially after this grade that I received with your help. I will continue to request her as well. Thanks for the exquisite service. Dane, UK

[Dec 6] THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've been nervous about how it would turn out and if it would be on time, but it is really, really good! Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time in researching and writing it. I cannot write! Well, I can, but it is so hard and takes forever, and I just really dislike writing and you have helped me sooo much! Keep doing what you're doing! Amy, SC

[Nov 19] Wow you guys are truly amazing and helpful. I deal with a lot of online companies and email all day long, but none as helpful and QUICK as you guys. Thank you very much. Dane, MD

[Nov 14] You guys deserve it. I have passed your name along to many people stressing over projects in similar situations like me, need to work to live and just dont have time to write a large paper. I hope more business comes your way il keep passing your name along as much as i can. Cant thank you enough. Loretta, NJ

[Nov 9] Hello Kathryn! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your assistance. The paper totally reflected my views. It was impressive, well documented and thought provoking! Nice way to think outside of the box instead of the status quo of two sides! I will definitely request your Awesomeness again :) Muchas gracias! Taran, Canada

[Nov 5] I just want to thank you for doing a great job on this paper. You hit upon what I asked for and made it flow logically. I have used other writing services in the past and the results were always disappointing. I am so busy with other classes that when this assignment came up I was like, "No way!" I love to write, but I would have had to pull an all-nighter on this one and that was too much for me right now. Thank you. Mark, MI

[Oct 24] Faye, I just looked over the paper and the excel document and all I can say is, YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I cannot tell you how much you helped me out. I had NOOOO idea where to start with this project and you paved the path for me! I am at a loss of words because of how awesome this looks! Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are simply amazing! Josh, NJ

[Oct 16] Hi Ericka or Miriam or Roger, I am very grateful to you for assigning me such a wonderful writer, Kathryn. I really enjoyed reading the completed paper she sent me. Condsidering the short time given to Kathryn, she did an incredible job. I would never forget yours' and Kathryn's efforts to accomodate me in terms of the subject of the assignment as well as meeting with my deadline issue. Joanna, DC

[Sep 19] It is very good work done in a timely fashion, the company has been professional. Those will be my final thoughts to repeat for any concerned party, and that is fact. Nadia, NV

[Sep 18] [..] For me it is not only to fulfill the academic requirements but to find the best solution possible or to contribute something better by learning from all avenues by exploring many and diverse resources. Yes, it is true, it is costly and time consuming and enormously irritating, but that is what is required if one wants to accomplish that is worth exploring. I sincerely appreciate that all of you are looking out for me to provide quality services with affordable price in timely manner. It is my pleasure to work with you and Peter. Arthur, CO

[Sep 11] Edmund, your the best!! I will be in touch after I submit and receive my grade and will be talking with you again in about 5 weeks. Thank you again for everything you do to help me. I really appreciate your professionalism. Angie, VA

[Aug 25] Kevin, Thanks again... WOW, what great service. I appreciate your efforts on this project...and as an adult student who is busy as hell...it truly makes all the difference in the world...and it is worth every penny! I can also see a long and prosperous future together...you and I. LOL I may very well be calling on you from time to time Kevin for your excellent work. By the way feel free to use as many Tolstoy quotes as you like/need to... the idea of this Paper is really generated from his book. Mark, MS

[Aug 23] Miriam, Just wanted to say thank you for your continued support. I have used your services for at least 6 papers. I have fussed at times but the end results have been spectacular. I am currently taking 4 courses and only have time to write for 2, so your essays are tremendous guidance for me on how to quickly complete them on my own. I appreciate your confidentiality and taking so much care in delivering plagiarism free papers. When I become famous and take glory in my work, I hope you are not offended if I do not mention your business :). I do privately recommend your services to my trusted friends. THANK YOU. Loretta, TX

[Aug 15] Hi, You people are absolutely fabulous. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all. It is an incredible feat considering the short time given to you. I must say that it is worth the money I paid for. Once again thank you all. Best regards, Ray, UAE

[Aug 15] Hi, You people are absolutely fabulous. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all. It is an incredible feat considering the short time given to you. I must say that it is worth the money I paid for. Once again thank you all. Best regards, Ray, UAE

[Aug 10] Hello Tom, Thank you very much for completing this letter and meeting the new deadline. It is plain to see that you have experienced the same problems that I'm having. I am very fortunate that you were selected to write this letter. I must say that you really nailed it, and I appreciate that very much. Your writing skills and your real-life experiences have produced a very impressive letter. Thanks so much for the attention and skills that you applied to this letter. I will certainly use CustomPapers whenever I need an important letter written. William, VA

[Aug 4] Thank you so much Kevin! This is great! I am sure to receive a better grade, and believe it or not just by reading it, it kind of gives me a better idea of what I'm missing as far as writing informatively. Thanks so much for your help, I couldn't have asked for more! Sincerely, Christie, NY

[Jul 29] Kathryn, I am blown away. You are absolutely phenomenal! The papers are professionally written and completed more than a week early. Thank you so much. Your work certainly exceeds my expectations. Thanks again. Sincerely, Richard, Canada

[Jul 20] Faye, This is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I cannot thank you enough for helping me out with this paper. You are EXTREMELY talented and I cannot get over how well written this paper is. It's PERFECT!! You were HIGHLY recommended for my project and now I see why they "HIGHLY" recommended you! Again, thank you! Josh, WV

[Jul 8] Thank you again for all of your help!!! I truly cannot thank you enough! The paper was written beautifully and I throughly enjoyed reading it. I actually got more out of your paper than my readings. Have a great rest of the weekend! Angie, NJ

[Jul 1] Brian, You're pretty much my best friend at the moment. Thanks so much. I've never had to resort to this action and I don't anticipate ever going this route again, but I'm glad you were the one to help me out in my bind. Hell, if there's some method of feedback I can provide for you or anything, let me know and I'll return as much of the favor as I possibly can! Keenan, Canada

[Jun 18] Jayson, I have the last paper, Thank you so much for your patience and assistance with these assignments. i think your writting skills are superior and i use your papers as an outline for the other papers i write. i will never again take this professor! What a load of cr@p he threw at us. Thanks again and perhaps we will speak next semester. Shelly, TX

[Jun 5] This paper was very good. I had tried a different writing company before and they were horrible. I needed a research paper on a small company that makes vacuum cleaners and the writer said that vacuum cleaner company should diversify by "building nuclear power plants." O: It was worth the wait and i will definitely come back to CustomPapers.com. thanks Bill, Australia

[Jun 1] Dear Miriam, I have really had a great experience working with you, Erika, Roger, Tom, Orlando and Sean. I would like to express my gratitude to all for your kind assistance and level of professionalism. You're fast email responses, excellent quality work and dedication to providing a great service have made working with you all a very pleasant experience. The mentioned writers are truly talented and I look forward to working with you all again in the near future. If you could pass my thanks on to all mentioned it would be much appreciated. Kind Regards Moe, UK

[May 21] Absolutely! You all have been very fair with me through this and of course I adore Kevin for the work he does in addition to the good natured humor he shares as we go through some rough spots in some of these classes. He's an amazing person. I knew he would never intentionally mess something up...never. Working in a virtual environment takes a lot of trust, and we've established that. I'm very grateful and appreciative! Please, if you would, pass these sentiments on to Kevin. Jeannie, Canada

[May 4] Dear All Just to say that I have now completed my essay. Robert was definitely the right writer for this - the content and references are spot-on! Thank you to everyone who succeeded in ensuring the completion of this urgent request. I'll be in touch about my next assignment in the near future. All the best, Mary, GA

[April 30] Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I'm so glad I can actually trust a company with outstanding customer service and amazing writers like yourself. Thank you. Dwayne, Hong-Kong

[April 21] Hello, Its ok! I got my paper on philosophy from Orlando and it is perfect! Just what i was looking for! i am so thankful! i want to work with him again on another paper which is almost the same topic as the last, so he will know what i am looking for. its on bad faith and Sartre, i will submit the instructions on the website now. PLease let me know if he can work with me and write a 4 page paper on bad faith by this tuesday. I am waiting for your response as soon as possible. Thank you. Paul, NJ

[April 12] Hi Tom, Thanks for the paper, great job just as you did on the paper on adult ed. I added a bit more to the paper from a personal point of view, my son is autistic, I also did an oral presentation to coincide with the paper. I got an A! so once again everything worked out great. It was a pleasure working with you and everyone at Custom Papers once again. I graduate with my Master's in a week. Sincerely, April, WV

[Mar 30] Dear Nita, Thank you for the edits. I have read through the second draft and find it much clearer. It had mainly been clarification on the law and how it would apply to the problem that I required rather than a full essay, something which I then wished to write myself. I understand the difficulty in presenting this due to the reasons you have mentioned, however I appreciate the extra time that you have taken to add parts and colour code the notes. I now feel comfortable that my understanding of the law is sufficient that I may research further and have confirmation on the main ideas to be explored in order to start writing the paper. Once again, thank you for the extra level of care. I won't hesitate to request your help in the future, and find you a commendable asset to custom papers! Kind regards, Mark, UK

[Mar 13] Hi Miriam, Ericka, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! EVERYTHING was perfect and I owe you guys my life!!! Not only did I get the passing grade from the professor, I received the formal invitation to take part in commencement ceremonies from the university, I can graduate!!! you guys are heaven sent I will definitely recommend you my cousin has to do her thesis next fall, so I told her don't worry about it, and assured her she will have a perfectly written example thesis. Last Friday I was dying, this Friday I'm overjoyed and I owe it all to you guys for your patience and professionalism. I really really appreciate you guys taking time with me to reassure me. It was your emails that were keeping me grounded and calm. Thank you so much for the personal phone conversation as well, you have know idea what that did for me. Also I would love to give a testimonial because I was the biggest skeptic, not to mention frighten to death. I want to thank Tom, Dorothy, and Nita separately they did a wonderful fantastic job!!!! I have three research papers that are due by the end of April, two of them I can handle but I may need you guys for the third one, it's nothing difficult 4-5 pages. When near time I will go to the website and put my order in. Please understand how much I really, really appreciate you. Thank you CustomPapers for EVERYTHING!!!!!! Sincerely, Chalsea, IL

[Feb 23] Bravo Lisha!!! You did a fantastic job and I am TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY SATISFIED!!!! Miriam, I really am happy and I wish I had found CustomPapers.com from the start. You have an eternal customer in me. I'd like to use Lisha for future requests. If you're a repeat customer, are you allowed to request the same writer? Regards, Kate, MN

[Feb 8] Jessica, Thank-you so much for doing such an excellent job writing this paper. I am really happy with the the way you organized the different topics. Is there a way for me to request your services in the future? Do you have areas that you specialize in? Would love to utilize your skills again. Thanks and keep up the good work! R.B., Australia

[Jan 19] Hi Tom (and Ericka) I love you!! :) This is sooooooo great. I am so excited. Yes I understand what you have said Tom and agree with you and it makes perfect sense to me. Two things quickly. I am organising payment for the second section and it will be sent first thing tomorrow our time so you will have it Sunday your time. Again a million times thank you. I cannot tell you what you have done for me and for my family. You have been the best Xmas present! Cheers, Kara, CA

[Dec 9] Steve I want to thank you and say that you did excellent work. I thought you had a lot of information that was useful and when combined with the information that I had... WoW my papers was stupendous. I want to say that I would love to use you again for any research that I may have. What areas are your specialty. Great job! Shelly, IN

[Dec 5] Its alright I feel the same way, being tired I mean. They example paper is great. Exactly what I wanted. I'm going to rework it and add some more stuff in so I feel like it is more me. Great job! Let me get back to you on that what one hold on just a few! Sorry have three exams tomarrow and I am pulling an all nighter! Tom, GA

[Dec 1] Hi Brian, I just received a mail from my professor of Social Science. I got an 'A' for the report. The presentation I did also fetched me an A so I have got an A grade for the subject. Thank you very much for all the help, your guidance has helped me a lot. I am still in Pennsylvania attending my sick father in law. I will submit my social planning assignment online after I revise your comments. Hope its coming out well. Thank once again, Patsy, NJ

[Nov 29] Thank you so much for the excellent model papers. I have written my own based on them and have submitted them awaiting my grades. I will inform you of my grades once they are posted. Hopefully, I will have a chance to work with you again. I will refer all my friends to you company, you guys do great work, Thank YOU for people like you that can assist people like me along the way. Thanks, Sylvia, Australia

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