How to Handle Essay Writing Anxiety


Help! I don't know how to even begin writing! Writing makes me so nervous? How can I begin to put my thoughts on paper? I'll do anything but write.

Does this sound like you? Custom essay writing is something each one of us does every day whether it is a letter or a research paper. A little anxiety actually is good for us. It is when a person is so anxious that he/she cannot do his job when it becomes a major problem. What are some tools to help with writing anxiety? Relaxation, brainstorming, free writing, understanding the assignment, and organization.

The first step to overcoming writing anxiety is to take a look at the assignment and consider why it is making you anxious to do. Is it the topic? Why does it make you anxious? Confront the reasons why you do not want to write the assignment. Take a moment to breathe and decide to stop the negative self-talk. Focus on positive reasons for writing.

Now, try some relaxation strategies. Begin by getting up and stretching. Tell your mind to relax. Begin to tense and then release different muscle groups. Breathe deeply and continue to tell yourself to relax. Picture yourself writing in your favorite place. Now, begin to tell yourself that you are capable and willing to do the assignment.

Do you understand the assignment? Read it carefully and think about what it is asking you to do. Circle any key words in the assignment. What do you not understand about the paper topic? What needs to be clarified? What areas of the topic would be interesting for you to focus on? Make a list of questions and talk to the instructor about your anxiety.

The next step to overcoming academic writer's anxiety is to brainstorm about the paper topic. What do you know about the topic? What are areas that you want to learn more about? Is the topic boring to you? How can you change the topic so it will be more interesting? Brainstorm everything you know and those things that might be interesting.

The next step in relieving writer's anxiety is to create an outline. Think about the thesis statement. Does this make you nervous? If so, discuss ways to create a thesis statement with a friend or the instructor. What are the main points about the topic? What research do you need to do? What facts, statistics, or anecdotes can you use in the outline that will later lead to the research paper? Often creating an outline will help you in effectively writing the essay, term paper, or even dissertation.

Forgetting spelling, grammar, or the rules about writing a custom research paper and begin to write about the topic. Write about the things you know. What have you learned from your research? What are some interesting statistics about the subject? What are some things you thought you knew and realized the information was wrong after doing the custom research? Why is this an interesting topic? Write freely about the topic. Once you complete this writing, then use it to help you create an outline or to write a rough draft. Often the worry about spelling and grammar creates anxiety in the student and the best way to overcome this is to forget the spelling and grammar and just to write. Once you do this, then go back and revise the essay.

Write the rough draft of the essay and put it away for a few hours or preferably a few days. Go back and read the paper. Correct any mistakes such as spelling or grammar. Put in some quotes and statistics as well as adding the sources used during the paper. Create a bibliography page. Now, ask a friend to read your custom essay or research paper. Encourage your friend to be honest in making editing or corrections of your text because this helps you.

Write your final draft of the paper and know that with a little help of relaxation strategies, brainstorming, creating an outline, and writing a rough draft you have overcome your writing anxiety.

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