"I Learned to Compose Essays on My Own"

Hey, Aga, Thanks for sitting down with us.

Hello Custom Papers!

So tell us a little about yourself and how you came to CustomPapers.com

Well, right now I am finishing up my degree in accounting. I was never really great at English and I really didn't have teachers who sparked an interest in the subject either. In every class I had up until college I received no higher than a "C". I originally came to the site because I was having trouble in a freshman comp course. I was in my second year at a community college and had failed English comp the first time. I needed to pass the class to receive my A.A, but I had just received my second "D" on a paper in the class where I was currently enrolled. I was so desperate that I offered to pay a friend to write my papers, and that's when she told me about the site.

So what did you think about the site upon visiting Custom Papers?

I was apprehensive because I didn't want to get busted for plagiarism. However when I went on to the site, I saw the different types of papers they offered to write. I then felt a little more comfortable with not getting caught. They have all styles of papers ranging from research papers to book reports. They also have admissions essays - which I will be previewing for my graduate school application.

What made you a customer?

I became hooked after the first paper. I was originally going to turn in the paper as my own but I was able to use the Custom Paper as a guide. I was able to understand what was expected of me from the finished product. Most instructors don't take the time to hand out a sample making the assignment really difficult to accomplish. Sometimes with the site I had a model to base my own work on. I also liked that the papers often gave me a different perspective on a topic I was researching and they also helped me improve my own writing.

You were able to use the site as a resource, how interesting.

Most people think these sites are for people who are lazy and want to party much of their college career away. A lot of the time, I know in my case, I just didn't really have the skills to custom-write an "A" quality paper. Many times instructors are too unapproachable because they belittle you for asking questions. Frequently, I used the site as a resource when I couldn't get the direction I needed from the instructor. I didn't want the fact that my skills in English were terrible to get in the way of me graduating and attending a top-notch university. By using the site, I learned to compose essays for my other classes as well. I also went to the site for classes like history, psychology, sociology, political science studies, and even chemistry.

Other than your term paper writing skills - why else did you use the site?

There were some instances where only the custom paper would do. In addition to my skills, sometimes I just not have the time to crank out 15 page research papers. I like the fact that they can write the paper to the specifications of your assignment. My primary goal is to be an accountant, and not that my other classes aren't important, but I can't afford to devote so much time to classes that may ask for up to seven papers. With Custom Papers, I was able to get great grades and have a social life too. This site has been the difference between me just earning a certificate and me graduating in a week.

And what are your plans after graduation?

I will be a paid intern for an accounting firm for two years - application letter was from Custom Papers, thank you. After my internship I plan to either attend law or graduate school - or both. I eventually will open my own accounting firm or law practice. But this summer, I plan to go to Hawaii for two weeks.

Finally, what would you tell someone about CustomPapers.com?

The first thing is that your primary goal is to attain knowledge in your chosen field and you really can't do that by spending a lot of time on busy work from courses that don't matter. Use the site as a resource for learning how to write and during crunch time when you need "A" quality work. You should not be afraid of getting caught because I have ordered over ten papers in my time with the site and never once have I been busted. Simply, the site offers different styles of custom written term papers on your specific topic which can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Thank you for your time.

No problem! It was a pleasure talking to you.

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