Reliable Native-English Freelance Essay Writers Wanted!

Work from home as an independent contractor / freelancer on your own schedule and on your own premises! We offer very good rates (you name your own price) for every legitimate work that is posted directly on our website by our clients. We have no maximum or minimum numbers of projects which we require you to take.

If you have the talent, education, and experience to research and write model academic papers (essays, term and research papers, course work, research proposals, annotated bibliographies, PhD theses, and dissertations) on any subject, at different levels of studies and writing skills, and your English is at native-level fluency, apply to join our premier Custom Writing and Researching Team today!

We offer a freelance writing contract for talented, honest, and experienced academic freelance writers based in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom who will be developing work directly for our clients. Paper requirements vary widely; specific instructions are individually described for each project and must always be followed precisely.

Currently, we are seeking custom research writers specializing in the one or more of the following areas:

Applicants with advanced accounting and/or statistics skills are especially encouraged!

Other than the requirements listed above, the applicant must possess the ability to conduct research from a variety of sources, including textbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, online materials, databases, etc., without the detailed assistance of Online access to academic journals (for example, via a university library membership) is highly recommended. The writer also needs to be responsive and attentive to the customers' needs as s/he will be directly working and communicating with them throughout the process of composing the assignment.

Contract essay writers who can conduct research using texts written in other major languages are particularly encouraged to apply. Languages desired include: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Arabic.

Applicants are expected to hold at least a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not tolerate plagiarism. Attempts to use any published sources without proper citation is unacceptable and will terminate our cooperation. This also extends to the use of your own prior written work. Each paper ordered through our company must be custom-written to client specifications!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our dedicated team of independent freelance writers and you are able to completely meet clients' detailed writing instructions, :

1. Your resume.

2. Two MLA / APA samples of your academic writing (including a bibliography/reference page).

3. A 600-word, original / never published before essay (see below ♦) on one of the following topics:

- Self Interview (Q & A): About Me, My Interests and Academic Background, Why I am an Excellent Research Writer
- The Best Ways for Students to Learn Proper Research and Writing.
- College graduates don't have the skills needed for today's economy. Discuss.

Applications without resume, writing samples, and the 600-word essay may not be considered. If we decide to set up an account for you and/or add you to our database of contractors, we will respond at our earliest convenience.

We look forward to a successful cooperation with you!

Below are non-solicited testimonials from two of our contracted freelance writers:

"Hey, I just wanted to share some interesting info with you guys. Okay to start with, seriously, CustomPapers is the BEST academic writing company for clients and freelance writers and I have evidence to prove this.

When I was job searching a while back (around when I got this contract job), I got a couple of freelance jobs with other academic writing companies that I did not pursue once I got the job with Anyway, there is one called Academic ****** and you fill out this application and they approve you but I do not think they even have actual people approving because I accidentally sent an application twice and they approved me both times thinking I was different people.

The other day, I went to that website and realized my account with them was still open even though I had never done a job for them. So I decided to take a look at their board just out of curiosity and I became even more thankful for my job with you guys. Literally, in a period of a month or so, there were 5 projects on the board. And some of them were just inquiries not even actual projects.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys in on that info because I think it's kind of important for you to know and also for the other writers to know what the competition offers and why Custom Papers is so much better. So, I am really glad to work with you guys and I think this is a great company--and feel free to share any of the info I said with other contract writers so they know they're lucky too!!!!"


"Before I started working with you guys, I had the 'immense pleasure' of working with a few others and I was horrifed. The kind of writers they contracted, the kind of work they churned, the rates, payment delays, the support staff [or complete lack of co-ordinators - or the sleepy ones that woke 3 days later to answer with computer generated emails] even the revisions that we were forced to do for free. It was terrible. You guys really are the best and the only ones I've come across who strictly contract the most competent writers, insist on standing by them if needed, give complete freedom to work and to bid the best rates and are so ethical -- and I am not complementing you here, its just a fact. For the past 4 yrs I've had a writing account with you, I have never had even one unpleasant experience (and I still take projects from other websites so I can easily compare you with others)."


* Reference: What Does It Mean to Be a Competent Academic Freelance Writer

By writing and sending us your 600-word essay, you grant Custom Papers LLC an exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such submission under 'Custom Papers LLC' name in any media.

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