Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do you offer live sales and customer service support?

Below, please find our current schedule:

Monday-Thursday:  6:00 AM - 10:00 PM CST
Friday:  6:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Saturday:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Sunday:  10:00 AM - 10:00 PM CST

The current date and time is: Friday, February 23, 2024, 09:41 AM CST

Do you use AI software to write your papers?

No. All our papers are written from scratch.

How does it work?

It's easy - simply complete our online_form, including all the important details. You'll receive a free quote (typically within 0-10 hours). When you choose to make payment, we will process it and send a confirmation email, introducing your writer and providing their email address. Your assigned author will begin the project. From this point on, you'll be able to communicate directly with him or her. Once finished, your writer will send you the completed project directly to your email.

It is in your best interests to make all requests to your writer via email, to ensure that a written record of your instructions exists.

What kind of papers do you write?

As long as a subject has English language sources, we can write about it! The same is true for editing, we are able to edit any English language work. We fill requests for all kinds of original term papers and essays: admissions (both undergraduate and gradate, including MBA and nursing programs), scholarships, expository, and more. In addition, we write research papers, book reports and reviews (both fiction and non-fiction), custom PhD theses and Doctoral proposals AND dissertations, abstracts, executive summaries, coursework, term projects, and speeches. We also offer creative writing, including original poetry and plays!

We've written business proposals for people seeking grants and loans for nearly every type of venture, from restaurants to funeral homes! We can develop presentations for colleagues, clients (both current and potential), and bosses. Our writers can work with a variety of software programs to do even the most complex statistics and modeling, including PhD level work in statistics and physics.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, that doesn't mean we can't help! To find out if we can assist you, submit your own request.

All essays and other kinds of model papers are composed in American English (unless you require British English) and you always receive a free bibliography page.

For tips and hints on custom essay writing and research, be sure to visit the frequently-updated sections: Writing Tutorial and Resources as well as Essays and Articles on Academic Writing.

Who are you?

We are graduates, and educators of American, Canadian, and British colleges and universities, who share common educational ideals and philosophies. Several of us have taught university level courses, and many of us are published in academic publications. In addition, we participate in the Online Education Tutoring Program, which allows us the opportunity to interact with students and graduates alike in an anonymous environment.

Find out more about us and about our writing and research team!

Can I see some samples of your writing?

For samples of our writing, check: Graduate Instruction in Education, Plagiarism: A Discussion about Intellectual Property, The Creation of the Educated Person, Thermal Physics - Model Q&A [pdf], and Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education.

Can I trust you?

Absolutely. We are well aware that we are in a business where reputation and repeated orders are essential to our success, and if even a single writer plagiarizes, our reputation is severely tarnished, and business will suffer. Thus, each and every order is our priority, and we only contract writers that we know we can trust, and will treat each order as a priority as well. Our model essays, research papers, or dissertations can never be found published online, simply because they are original, and thus not available anywhere that you, the customer, does not put them.

Is writing academic papers for students ethical?

We believe so. Although school systems were originally designed to further student's practical knowledge, somewhere along the line, this mind-set got lost, and instead, trivialities that dealt with education very little or not at all began to determine a student's grade. Thus, every point counts, and we intend to get the student every point possible through providing them with research guidance so that they could learn how to write essays without the aid of costly private tutors. Check out the section on getting a degree in the world of Modern Education. You may also read an authentic story about a student who scoffed at the idea of purchasing a custom written paper; interesting thoughts from a "veteran writer" about buying a paper; and find out the reasons why most students do not like writing essays, research papers, book reports, speeches, term papers, or dissertations.

You should always be aware that unless you have written a paper yourself or referenced it properly - submitting it as your own is illegal and dishonest. Please refer to: and to our TOS to find out more about plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Why should I choose you over the competition?

It is well known that over 90% of our competition uses pre-written papers stored in their databases. They simply copy and paste certain sentences and keywords from pre-written papers, and then claim they composed an original essay just for you. This process takes them no more than an hour or two, whereas we sometimes spend an hour or two just determining the concept of your paper (and we do it for free).

You may also check exclusive interviews with our current and former customers: Stepp - political science student, Rene - philosophy student, Brian - college student; Stefan - graduate student; Thomas - graduate student; Mica - college student; Aga - college graduate; Joy - current student; Jeff - ESL student; Rachel - "immensely satisfied"; and Trey - found us on TV!.


Even if you are confident that another site would write a 100% custom and original paper for less, ask yourself this question: What will they do with my paper? The answer is: They will sell it again to a paper mill, increasing their profits. This is how they offer you a cheaper paper; they will make their profit by re-selling it.

Other sites may sell their "original" papers multiple times. At, your contracted writer agrees not to resell the work and allows you to use it as a guidance tool to assist you in preparation of your own project (as long as such use is legal under state and federal law).

I have heard a lot of horror stories about unqualified people being assigned to academic projects. Is there anything you can tell me that would alleviate my concerns?

Indeed, we've heard a number of similar horror stories as well! We can tell you a few things about that we think will help ease your mind. If one of our contracted writers produces a paper that is proven to have failed to meet academic standards, they don't get paid. This company relies on good word of mouth and repeat business -- we have a lot of both and without them we couldn't have survived, let alone thrived, for over a decade!

What all of this means is that it is in EVERYONE'S best interest to provide our clients with good work.

Are you a member of an US-based Business Association?

This is yet another way we surpass the competition! Yes, is an US-Based, accredited business with an excellent record. We are proud to be one of these outstanding American companies.


BBB Complaint Free Award     Memorandum

Custom Papers LLC

Regarding large or urgent orders - why do I have to wait for 0 to 12 hrs for your initial quote?

If you need a very long and/or very urgent paper completed quickly, we will do our best to send a quote in only one hour. Usually, though, we need time to look at the instructions and make sure one of our trusted writers is able to complete it for you. Unlike other websites, we do not have a database of plagiarized material, and we don't let just anyone take on an assignment! Your project is reviewed by the qualified writers in your field, and when one confirms their ability to meet both your deadline and your specifications, only then do we develop and send a quote.

How long does it take to get the model assignment completed?

The answer depends upon the length and other specifications of your assignment. Ideally, one writer prefers to have at least one day per five pages (1,500+ words) ordered. This is not to say that we cannot provide faster service; it is to say, however, that excellence cannot be rushed. differentiates ourselves from the other term paper businesses by contracting only premiere writers whose job it is to write 100% original material according to our clients' specific guidelines. If what you need is excellence, please give our writers enough time to provide it!

How would I get my model essay once it is completed?

The paper will be E-mailed to you as an attachment. If you require Word or Rich Text, or some other format, please let us know if advance, we are happy to provide it!

How much will this cost me?

For very large or urgent orders, we do not have fixed pricing, though we do have a system for developing quotes. First, unlike other sites, we need to evaluate your actual project. For example, writing on a high school level about 'The Funniest Day in Your Life' does not require an equal amount of time, knowledge, or writing ability as does 'An Alternative History of Ancient Greek Theatre' on a graduate level. In general, therefore, the price of a paper depends on academic level, subject, detail, deadline requirement, pages needed, and the availability of resources.

Why aren't your quotes based on turn-around time?

We don't want to punish clients for needing a paper more quickly. A five-page paper on geology will take 8-10 hours to write, whenever it is ordered. Only when a turnaround time is so short that it requires a writer to make changes to their schedules, or work overtime, do we raise the cost. Obviously, more time is better, because a short turnaround may mean that no one is available to assist you. Given a week, you have a greater variety of available writers, the writer is able to secure better sources, and can choose to approach your project when they are fresh.

Our custom writing service offers top-quality custom essays, every time, for every deadline.

Do you have any discount offers for loyal customers?

We price our papers on an individual basis, based upon level of schooling, level of difficulty, number of references, number of pages, deadline (in rush cases), and so forth. In addition, we pay our writers one of the highest per-page rates in the business, because they are the best in the business. For these reasons, while we do indeed appreciate our loyal customers, routinized discounts are rarely possible.

By the same token, we always price papers as low as possible for our clients! On occasion, bulk discounts are available on projects of more than 20 pages.

How would I pay for the service?

You can pay through PayPal or by any major credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express). Alternatively, you can send a check, money order, or pay by bank transfer.

Can I cancel the order after I pay for it?

Once the writer has begun your project, we cannot cancel your order. Our writers put in a great deal of time and effort to research each paper they complete, and they deserve (and are required by law) to be compensated for their efforts. On rare occasions, however, it is possible to refund the money for a particular order, less the amount for any work the writer has already completed. In such cases, the amount refunded will be determined by, and it will not be negotiable.

Please contact customer service for more details.

Do you scan the customer's paper into a plagiarism checking system before delivering the paper to the customer?

We do not scan or submit papers to Turnitin or any other anti-plagiarism databases. Those companies permanently keep a copy of all scanned or submitted papers in their databases and may distribute them elsewhere. Clients who work with become the exclusive right owners to the papers they purchase. You get to decide if you want to share a copy of your paper with anti-plagiarism corporations.

We guard against plagiarism by exclusively contracting writers who have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.

With us, you can be sure to receive a non-plagiarized paper. Even the most sophisticated anti-plagiarism systems will find nothing, because there is no plagiarism to find.

I have access to anti-plagiarism software and use it to check the paper I received. It revealed 10% as "plagiarized." Does it mean you plagiarized my paper?

There are many anti-plagiarism software programs, and none of them is perfect. Their quality varies a great deal, and the most honest among them will tell you that they are meant to be a time-saving device for an experienced person to use in checking a paper. In fact, for an inexperienced person, plagiarism software results may be very misleading. You should always keep in mind that such software does not recognize the difference between quoted and non-quoted material. Direct quotes in the text, in closed quotes and properly cited, will still appear as "plagiarism"; the software relies upon the knowledgeable user to know the difference and be able to read their "map" correctly. In addition, it is not uncommon for such software to define commonly used phrases or expressions as plagiarism (e.g. "In addition, it is not uncommon"). Thus, it is always advisable for a person to manually check the paper by pasting unique extracts of the text into a search engine.

Do you use any pre-written works? Do you keep old essays in your system to use more than once?

Never. Every paper is original. It is because of this approach that there is virtually no chance that your paper could be duplicated by anyone other than you. As far as keeping old papers is concerned, we never, EVER, recycle our papers, regardless of the situation.

I study in Great Britain. Can you write my paper using British English?

Yes, our writers are capable of writing in both American and British English.

I'm taking some online courses. Can you help me complete my homework assignments?

We can supply you a model of any assignment whatever the format!

Please note, however, that our contracted writers will never:

- Login to your account 'as you' or 'in your name,'
- Submit any completed projects 'as you' or 'in your name.'

In other words, we will NOT help you cheat and will refuse to work with you if we suspect you want to use our service in an dishonest way.

Do you do PowerPoint presentations?

Yes we do! We have several writers on our research team who specialize in creating PowerPoint presentations. Whether your needs are professional or academic, we have writers with the experience to create quality presentations in almost any field or academic subject area. Let us know whether you need a barebones bulleted outline, a visually dynamic presentation including music, or something in between and we will find the right person for the job!

What if the paper falls below the "Academic Research and Writing" standards?

This is an almost non-existent scenario. We work with extremely competent writers - writers who know exactly what a good model paper should be like. Thousands of our papers have been commented by a wide variety of independent tutors, and, to our knowledge, none of them ever failed to meet the highest academic research and writing standards.

We do not take orders we cannot complete.

However, if the paper you receive from us is plagiarized, we will provide a free revision or refund the amount paid for that paper - something our competition will almost never even consider doing. Find out how we work and why we offer The Best Writing Guarantee in the custom essay writing business. Do not forget to read and fully accept the Terms and Conditions.

WE WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! If we did, tell others and bookmark us. If we didn't, Let Us Know.

What about revisions?

Some writing services offer a free revision as part of the order. We do not include a free revision in the price of the order, but we do very often make minor revisions for free. And of course if we overlook any instructions we will fix our own errors for free.

If we charged extra money for the original order to cover a revision, it would not be fair to you, since you may not even need a revision. In general, we charge only for the work that will be done. If you receive the paper and decide that you need revision, we will arrange it at a discounted rate to make sure it is okay for you. We are on your team, and we want you to succeed.

Important: For us to be able to revise your paper, we must know exactly what you feel must be corrected. Vague statements like "the essay doesn't flow" aren't helpful to our writers, nor do they necessarily indicate actual mistakes. Therefore, when submitting a revision request, please make an itemized list of specific areas which, again, you believe need to be addressed. This way, we will know exactly where our focus should be.

What if I want to have my other papers revised?

We'll be happy to help you improve your paper! For your convenience, and to avoid any confusion, we have included precise definitions of what proofreading, editing, and rewriting mean to us.

Proofreading is the correction of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
Editing is the process of getting a text into its final form. It starts with proofreading, and goes one step further to include the reorganization of text, the changing of sentence structure and word choice as necessary, and other changes to ensure that the flow of the paper is improved.
Rewriting takes editing one step further, and actually includes the rewriting of whole paragraphs, as well as the writing of new sections to act as transitions or augmentations between already-existing parts of the text.

What if your writers are busy writing for other clients and cannot write my essay? Can you still help me complete my assignment?

All our academic writers are tops in their fields, but they are not always ready to take up all assignments because of time limitations. If you have not received a quote within 12 hours from our receipt of your request, we will be able to help you in the following way:

A. First, we can research the topic of your paper and create a special type of annotated bibliography. Each citation (from books and periodicals/journals) would be in the format you requested, followed by a series of direct quotes and page numbers of those quotes.

B. The second stage would be you taking all of the research and putting the paper together - but you don't have to worry about it being perfect (your job is to focus on the content and trying to get your ideas across). You can also then see if we need to fill in some gaps.

C. The last step is for you to send it back to us for a final editing (grammar, punctuation, word choice, flow of ideas, etc.). You usually only need to give us 24-48 hours to return your edited paper. We can use Microsoft Word's commenting feature to insert editing comments and suggestions, or we can actually alter the paper for you; you decide which method would work best for you.

to take advantage of this original and cost-effective method of completing your writing assignment.

Why don't you offer 'Automatic Progress Reports' like some other companies do?

We believe in honesty, work efficiency, and human intelligence. Many of our online competitors use an automated message system that deploys a few pre-defined statuses (like: "work in progress," "work being proofread," and "completed") which aren't actually being controlled by the writer and have nothing at all to do with the actual status of your project. So if you inquire about the status before the due date, the system would always spit out a canned reply email saying that the work is "in progress," and no further information will be provided; when your paper is late, the system will tell you that the project "will be delivered shortly," etc.

At CustomPapers, you don't have to talk to machines because your assigned writer and/or a live project coordinator will send you a note about the status of your project whenever you inquire. If the assigned project writer has no questions, that is usually a good sign, and your model paper will be completed on schedule and to your specifications. And if the writer does have questions, you can expect to hear from them: they will want clarification so that they can meet your specific needs to the fullest possible extent. So, please watch your email inbox, but do not worry if you do not hear from your writer on a regular basis: that simply means they have not yet run into any difficulties!

What if my assigned writer had an emergency?

Unfortunately, emergencies do happen. Like any professionals in a fast-paced business, we are accustomed to handling them and will do everything in our power to see that your needs are met. While emergencies can occasionally create delays, they will never mean that your project can't be completed according to your specifications!

How are you dealing with fraudulent orders or dishonest clients?

Credit card fraud is a critical issue and one that we take very seriously. Whether an order was paid using a stolen credit card or the customer decided not to pay for it because of subjective reasons, the bottom line is that we use all means possible to ensure that a project that has not been paid for has not and will not be used without our special authorization. Clients should be aware that at the moment their payment is cancelled, their rights to learn from the model research paper are null and void. That means using the copyrighted project is subject to an international copyright infringement penalty fee of up to $30,000 per each occurrence (as it is stated in US and international laws).

We work with several national online and offline investigative and academic institutions to make sure that fraudulent orders are caught and the culprits are penalized with the full extent of the law.

I am a professional freelance essay writer. How can I apply to have a contractor's account with your organization?

In order to apply as a Contract Academic Freelance Writer, Editor, or Researcher at, you must have a strong academic background and very good writing skills. Please check our this section: Freelance Essay Writers Wanted for detailed information.

So... what kind of a model research do you need?

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