"I'm Not Excellent at Writing, but... I Don't Have to Worry about Mediocre Work"

This is an exclusive interview with a regular client of CustomPapers.com, who obtained his graduate degree with "a little help from my friends," as he says after a famous band.

Hello, Trey.

Hi there, CustomPapers.com!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Trey.

Hey no problem, you always took the time to help me out when I needed it so it's the least I can do.

We would like to begin by asking you why you initially searched for a custom term paper writing service and where you found us.

I found out about CustomPapers.com from TV! ABC News; they talked about students and plagiarism issues. Where else? On the Internet! I did a search for custom essay writing, term paper writing, and dissertation writing and found several companies. I was impressed with custompapers.com's website and reasonable prices. What was really important for me - I knew my assigned research writer is based and EDUCATED in the US/Canada and I could communicate with her via email! I looked at a few of the companies that had come up on the search, but decided to try out custompapers.com.

My initial motivation to find a research writing company was because I needed research help. Simple as that. I was working full time, going to school full time and I couldn't do it all myself. I was going to have to quit something or find professional help to speed up my own writing process. Thank God I found custompapers.com or I would never have been able to do it.

I liked custompapers.com when I first started using your service because you provided the quickest customer service and were always nice to talk to, you could handle anything I requested from you and my assigned writers provided papers written at graduate level when I needed them. If it was a custom written paper, a straight forward research paper or a dissertation, custompapers.com could not only handle it they provided model papers that went beyond my expectations. So needless to say - it was a love connection from the get go!

After your last comment, Trey, I guess it's safe to say you found what you were looking for when you discovered custompapers.com. The question I have for you is what were you looking for?

What I was looking, as I explained before, was help. I wasn't looking for someone to do my homework for me or get me through college but I needed tutoring help with my college papers (later on graduate papers). When I had a complicated paper to write I found that if I had custompapers.com do the initial research for me it helped save me time for work or other homework. I am no Hemingway so no matter where or how I got it; I was going to have to get help research. They had programs at school, workshops, writing clinics and tutors but I didn't have time to schedule appointments and they were all filled with so many students I would have never got the personal help I needed anyhow. I always felt like I was getting personal service from custompapers.com that helped me expand my own writing talents.

Did you use CustomPapers.com more than one semester?

I used custompapers.com sporadically from the beginning until I graduated. Fortunately I found you early on in my college career. I didn't use custompapers.com for every single assignment I had. I used you only when I was overwhelmed and work combined with class was wearing me down. It was nice to know in the back of mind that you were there when I needed you and I can truly say custompapers.com helped me graduate. I didn't submit your papers as my own of course; I rewrote all papers to meet my particular needs. I'd say you were my private online tutor, that's all.

We appreciate your patronage and confidence, Trey. I would like to ask you what you thought about our prices? Did they scare you off?

When I first found the website and began investigating I saw the prices and I said Geez Louise! Then I thought about it, I had to work and didn't want to start taking student loans or time off of work. So when I sat down and figured out all the hours that using custompapers.com would save me... it was worth it. I could work more and that was more money for me. I would rather spend hours at work making money than hours in the computer lab banging my head against a computer screen trying to write a paper for free! I will be honest the prices were not bad at all. I also realize that a writer had to do the research and write my paper correctly and professionally, sometimes at graduate level, so when I factored all of that in I would have to say that custompapers.com pricing is fair. Very fair. I also knew I was getting original work every time and the papers were always written to my specifications. I never had to worry about a plagiarized papers or mediocre work.

Did you feel like we did all your homework for you?

Yea I wish. I don't feel like anyone did my homework except me. All custompapers.com did was take the information I found and sent them with my request and put it into words for me. As I mentioned before I am not that good at writing but that doesn't mean I didn't know what was being written was about. I had to read articles and know what was going on, custompapers just helped me out when I needed extra time for my research. In fact I enjoy learning and wouldn't want someone to do all my homework for me. At the higher college level, don't think there was professor I would be fooling anyhow! I used custompapers to write example term papers for me so that I should know how to write my own papers and I still had to take midterms and finals and know what was going on in class.

Glad we could help. We are always there for you.

Thank you and thank you for helping me make it through graduate school. If I ever want to go back for another area of study or to elaborate I the one I have I know who I can count on! Thanks custompapers.com

Thank you Trey and we are glad we could help.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is sinking fast in grad school and doesn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I was happy to do the interview because you were always happy to help me.

We will. Good luck in your professional life!

Thank you and thanks for having me!

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