"College Can be Difficult for Some Students..."

The following is an exclusive interview with a regular client of Custom Papers.com who has used this highly regarded academic help company for a period of two years. She has had excellent service and has recommended this site to other students who not only have academic difficulty but also don't have the time to write essays and research papers as much as they would like to do.

Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback about our service. Is there anything you would like to say first of all?

Well, as Julie Andrews once said in a very famous song from that movie musical The Sound of Music, "let's start at the very beginning..." which I will do. I think that Custom Papers.com for me has made me feel much better- graduate school is tough and if it was not for this company helping me, I would not have taken the time to do this interview.

So, you found what you were looking for... was finding this custom essay writing company one of your major goals- at the time?

Goals are important to achieve, to get to or to attain, because every new goal reached makes one become more enthusiastic. I was really happy when I got my work back and could not believe how professionally the research papers were written. My goal was to use this company as much as possible and get the results I truly wanted or deserved.

OK, how did you find this particular academic research company?

That's easy- it was found by accident- more out of anger as I found Custom Papers when one day I had three papers to do - to get these papers handed in at a certain period of time was something I could not have possibly done and I would have flunked two courses if it was not for Custom Papers - they were "life- savers."

Also, what a lot of people don't know is that many college students don't get financial aid and because of this many of them have to work at other jobs throughout the semester- some students don't need to work and have the time to do their assignments, and do their research - I did not.

Has Custom Papers.com made you a healthier person?

Many parents forget that college can be a tough time for graduate students - both physically and mentally. A friend of mine went to a school psychologist- he was depressed most of the time when I saw him- the reason being is because of tough parents he has to complete a major that he did not want to do- so I told him that Custom Papers would help him take a big weight of. I was like him to and wanted help - Custom Papers certainly gave that to me.

Do you find the writers of Custom Papers professional?

The first paper I got done from a research company was not good and after handing it - the paper - to the professor, he told me that my grammar and writing style needed to improve- this was not my fault, but the fault of one of the writers. Later - I took my papers to Custom Papers and they did a good job. Their writers obviously know how to spell and do sentence construction correctly- this was a service that the other research company did not give me. They gave me what I wanted but the *quality* was not good- Custom Papers makes sure quality is important. That quality is found in the overall construction of the paper and not just the content.

What important factors did you find in their service, which were important to you?

I think, in the long run using Custom Papers gave me the opportunity to get other projects done- it's a situation whereby in this day and age we are living in - as I call it -the "techno age" we are always in a rush to get things done. I found that I did not have the time to get many things done in the course of one day. I often wish there were more hours in one day- 24 hours are not enough. Maybe it would be better if there were 36 hours in one day- or better still forty eight hours.

Secondly, I think the best thing about the company was the personalized contact. I had tried other academic writing companies and apart from being too expensive- which Custom Papers is not-I found that ... with a couple of these companies I had submitted papers to- there was no feedback with the writers of the papers. These writers could have been anybody- you know it gets to the stage where you want personalized interaction- like you are dealing with a "human soul."

Also, I'm the type of person who needs to get a first class job done- I don't settle for second best and Custom Papers gives their all - 100 % good writing and editing service.

Finally, is there anything else you care to add?

Actually, you "learn" from Custom Papers; I'm of the opinion that there are people who only get the work done for them and don't even bother to read what the writers have written. They just hand the work directly to their professors. I have found that when you actually read what has been written for you - you actually learn about what has been assigned - your course material and that makes you feel you have learned something.

Also, professors sometimes will change at certain periods what they want done- this happened the second time I used Custom Papers. But I was able to contact one of their professional writers- and after around an hour I was able to converse via e mail with one of their staff - it's like getting help from a computer professor.

Actually, one thing I forgot to add about Custom Papers is their staff is just as knowledgeable as the professors are at my graduate school. Their staff has as good training as professors- the Live Support staff of Custom Papers.com really know what they are writing about- it goes to show that professionals who are not working in universities can know just as much than college professors who are working and teaching inside the academic system.

That says a lot about our staff! Thank You!

Well - I tell things as they are and I don't lie! I think Custom Papers is the best Academic Service on the Internet- efficiency and personalized guidance are two of their best qualities- and lastly their writers have given me more help than certain college professors ever did in graduate school. I think that alone says something!

Thank you for your time and co-operation in doing this interview.

No problem!

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