Is Obtaining Outside Help during the Writing Process Ethical or Unethical?

As an undergraduate student, I often flailed about like a dying chicken - wailing to the four winds that I had no clue what my teacher wanted in some "stupid paper" (as I called them back then). I trapped my teacher, friends, family - and even my poor grandfather and his friends - into listening to endless rough drafts. I had a million "tricks" up my sleeve. One favorite was taking tons of notes (in a yellow legal pad), cutting them apart, spreading them out on my neighbor's floor, and forcing her to help me put them in some kind of order - in hopes of ending up with something I could literally tape together into a paper. It was a nightmare - but - was my getting all that help unethical? Of course not!

Now we are in the era of the internet - with those lovely databases of thousands of term papers and essays and they're only a few dollars a page. You can buy all you want, 24 hours a day. No waiting necessary. No need for drama or trauma over undergraduate and graduate papers or essays ever again. Is that unethical? Well, that depends. If you buy a paper, slap your name on it, and turn it in as your own work, then it is unethical and you knew that before you read this page. If you say you don't care now, I can promise you that you soon will care. That "no waiting necessary" should be a huge red flag. First, you have no way of knowing what the quality of those example research papers actually is until your money is gone. That is a big risk, to your grade, that you really do not want to take. Second, those essays and term papers have been uploaded to a server. Every university now has access to software that will scour the net for the phraseology in every paper that every student turns in. You might as well consider yourself caught now, and save yourself the embarrassment - not to mention the loss of tuition! The only way to get by with using one of those pre-written database papers is to rework the paper and reference where you got the original. Somehow, I don't think that will endear you to your professor, do you?

Is paying to help you with your college paper unethical? I don't believe so. From your first e-mail to us, you are invited to be in constant contact with the person who is assisting you with your paper. You will have their support from beginning to end. Your research paper will look and sound as if you wrote it because you are an essential part of the writing process. You and your contracted writer/editor are collaborators, and will work together, through e-mail, until you are satisfied with your paper. There is no difference between your partnership with a writer/editor and my relationship with friends, family, and neighbors when I was in undergraduate school.

Years ago, when most college students did not have to work to keep the wolf away from the door, they could get help with their papers from their professors. Those days are over. Professors may still be keeping office hours but, chances are, you have to leave campus right after class to go to work. Do you think your professor is going to be available to go over your rough draft with you late in the evening? At, you can get the collaborative help you need almost 24 hours a day.

Are you one of the students who freezes up when expected to write? You may think your writing skills are poor. You may be painfully shy and freeze up when asked to expose your thoughts on paper. Is it unethical for you to tell one of our writer/editors what you want in your paper and then allow them help you express your thoughts on paper? I don't think so. The paper is yours. The thoughts are yours. The direction is yours. Our academic writers and editors simply facilitate the production of the final draft.

Whatever brought you to, you can feel certain that you have not entered into an unethical relationship. Instead, you have chosen a collaborative partnership, seeking assistance from experienced writers and editors, who are here solely to help you meet the requirements of your teacher and school. We are glad you came to us and hope this is the beginning of a long and productive relationship.

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