An Interview with our Regular Client (MBA major)

This is an exclusive interview with a regular client of, who obtained his graduate degree with "a little help from my friends," as he says after a famous band.

Hello, Brian.

Hi there,!

We are glad you found a few moments to speak with us.

With you, anytime. You saved me a lot of time, so now it's payback time ;-)

Let's start from the beginning. How did you find us?

To make a long story short, I found your site on the Internet obviously. Some background might be helpful here though. So there I was, on my third year of undergraduate studies, trying to juggle between work, school, personal affairs, and other unpredictable events. Let me tell you, that was no easy task to have everything going on schedule. There were days that I was too exhausted to stay awake at work or at school. You can imagine that neither my teachers liked seeing me asleep during classes nor my boss was happy to see me completely underperform.

Since I was not going to give up school - today, you have to have a degree to get you career going - and I couldn't stop working, I decided to do something about it. Obviously, I saw some people networking in school to get their homework done, but I thought that was not very reliable. So, some research on the web opened a new avenue of hiring academic people who write custom assignments. I had contacted a number of different custom essay writing services, but most of them had little to offer. Usually, no more than I would get from school networking, which was not very reliable. I kept on trying different sites until I came across

So, you found in what you were looking for. What was it?

Yes, exactly. I was looking for a reliable and timesaving source of homework projects. It's not that they were too difficult for me to do on my own, but I simply was unable to complete some projects on time. And let me tell you, most teachers are not very sympathetic and accommodating in terms of time lines and due dates. On the one hand, I understand that they want to keep up with their schedules and move on with the curriculum, so they can't linger forever and let students linger too much. On the other hand, they could be a little more flexible at times. Going back to your question, Custom Papers prepared the projects I commissioned them to do not only on a professional level and on time, but they were providing me with a lot of customer service support and direct personal contact. You can't get that anywhere else. The other services I had dealt with before I found you were completely automatic, I pretty much was dealing with a machine, not a human. It's like placing an order with the automated voice order line at Office Depot. It works for simple orders, but is extremely frustrating when you have questions or concerns; the machine cannot help you in those cases. So, once I found Custom Papers, I stuck with it for a number of reasons.

How long have you been using our service?

For quite some time. As I said, I was a junior in college when I started using help with some assignments. By then, I knew exactly how things worked. I didn't want to jeopardize my education, so I was careful not to cheat myself out of knowledge. Anyway, it's been about five years since I contacted you for the first time.

You have been very loyal. Didn't our prices discourage you?

True, your prices are indeed higher than those of your competition, but thanks to your "little help" I could sleep peacefully. Other "helpers" did not give me that comfort, especially when one of my professors found some fragments posted on their web sites and thought I copied them from there. Gee, that was a stressful experience! I have never had anything like that with your custom written term papers. You do a good job, so you charge for a good job. For me, fair enough. What else can I say?

Did you have us complete all your homework?

Certainly not! You can tell by now, I am a careful guy. I've never wanted just to get a degree on paper. Sure, you need it to get anywhere in this world, but I also wanted to learn my profession. Besides a diploma, you need to be good at what you do not to be swallowed by your competition. I hired you to write papers I found senseless, like, for instance, write a 15-page paper on how pilgrims established themselves in America or how slavery was present on the American continents. It is good to know those things, but they are in the past and not very likely to return. Why sweat them so much? Some teachers were just too optimistic with their requirements and wanted the students to master the textbook, prepare every-week assignments, usually a bunch of questions, write tests every other week in addition to the midterm and final exams, and read at least two books and write at least a 10-page paper to analyze the read books. All this for one class! Imagine having four such classes and a full time work. Can anyone handle that? Well, I did 'with a little help from my friends' and with really good results.

Glad we could help :). We are always there for you.

Thank you. For now, I have completed my graduate studies. If I ever decide to enter another field, I know where to find you.

...So we can save you some more time. Thank you for your openness and willingness to speak with us today.

Anytime. I owe you that much. Keep up the good work!

We will. Good luck in your professional life!

Thank you and thanks for having me.

Names have been altered for privacy purposes.

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