An Authentic Story about a Former Top Student

There was once a young woman, we'll call her Jane, who embarked on her college education somewhat later than many people do. She started working on her undergraduate degree when she was 25 and a mother of two small children. This had its advantages and its disadvantages. The disadvantages are pretty obvious. The care of two little kids sometimes made it hard for her to find time for her studies, but somehow she did. The advantages may be surprising. Because she was a bit older than traditional college students, Jane had a clearer idea of what she wanted out of her education and was more focused on her homework.

Sometime in her junior year of college, Jane realized that she wanted to be an English professor. She came to this realization in her British Tudor and Jacobean literature class, when her professor showed the class how to unpack the poems of John Donne. Jane decided that she wanted to also be able to turn students on to seemingly uninteresting things in this inspiring way. She made up her mind to go to graduate school.

Jane has worked on her undergraduate degree, managed to get high scores on her GRE's, and had amassed an impressive number of other accomplishments. All of this helped her to get accepted into a Master's program with a full tuition waiver and a teaching assistantship. She also had another baby during this time.

While working on her Master's Degree, Jane was fortunate to be able to earn a small stipend teaching. She discovered that her goal of being an English professor was a realistic one and that she was a gifted teacher. To her surprise, she found that she preferred teaching Composition to teaching Literature. Something about this required introductory course, and its importance to the rest of her student's university careers appealed to her. She also liked the bottomless nature of the field of study specializing in the teaching of writing. While beginning her studies in this discipline, she discovered the writings of a famous pioneer in this field and began to dream of the possibility of studying under him. At this point, her dreams appeared to be mere fantasy, for he was teaching at an expensive and prestigious East Coast university and she was only at a small Midwestern state university.

However, she continued to work hard on her Master's degree and was rewarded for her efforts by being made adjunct faculty for her final year of the degree program. Her Master's thesis was selected as required reading for that university's rhetorical theory course. These were both great honors.

Jane applied to Ph.D. programs, a daunting task, to say the least. One of her professors advised applying to five schools. Jane could only afford to apply to three. She applied to her dream school, where that famous professor was teaching, and to two others. She was accepted to two out of the three Ph.D. programs she had applied to, and her dream school was one of them! She was off to the East Coast to study under the theorist she most admired. Her years of hard work seemed to be paying off.

When she got to this East Coast university, she worked harder than she ever had before. Her seminars were intellectually challenging on a level she'd never before encountered. Because she was teaching classes, she had to create lesson plans, conference students, and grade papers in addition to keeping up with her course work. It was all quite exhausting and it was challenging for her to make time to be a good mother to her children, as well.

At the end of her first year in the doctoral program, Jane's mother died and her boyfriend developed a serious alcohol problem. Between mourning the death of her mother, and ending her relationship with her boyfriend, Jane developed a serious case of writer's block. She simply could not write. Although she had a 4.0, she was forever handing in late work. The words just were not flowing like they used to.

To make matters worse, she needed to conceive of two unique areas of study for her area exams and also to come up with a dissertation topic. She had run dry of ideas; nothing was occurring to her. She also had a paper that was about two years overdue. She just could not write the thing and took an incomplete in that class.

Now Jane loves clothes, and good clothes at that. She would not bat an eye at purchasing $140 jeans, if they fit well. However, she scoffed at the idea of purchasing a custom written essay. To this day, Jane does not have her doctorate. All those years of hard work may have been for naught. She does get teaching positions, but only at the low paying adjunct level. What would have happened if she'd saved her energy for her areas and her dissertation, and had purchased a custom essay or term paper once in a while, instead of a new outfit?

Custom Papers can help students to not end up like Jane.

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