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Homework plays an essential role in the learning process. It provides the student with an opportunity to apply precepts and organize factual information gained in the classroom. By the same token, it provides feedback to instructors, allowing them to determine if what is being taught is actually being learned. And homework performance is often a component of a student's final grade, a factor with implications for successful coursework completion and, in many instances, admission to college or university.

For better or for worse, negotiating the complexities of a Shakespearian sonnet or an economic theory - especially when it takes the form of a short essay - can be a daunting experience. Indeed, some students find the challenge too unnerving and give up after little or no effort. Custom Papers, a recognized leader in model term paper writing, has developed a homework assistance program that meets the both the short- and long-term needs of such students. Custom Papers provides model essay answers overnight, allowing the student to organize the information and ideas in his or her own words. And, equally important, this service encourages the student to develop those skills and apply them independently.

College Opportunities Often Hinge on Student Homework Initiative

Doing homework has been the bane of the student probably since schooling was first invented. And its satisfactory... or more likely, exemplary completion can challenge even the most gifted student. The great majority of students want to do well, looking forward to meeting the expectations of parents, teachers, and (perhaps most important) themselves. This is all to the good. But, like it or not, there is another factor at work: competition. Competition for admission to upper-tier colleges and universities and greater scholarship tuition assistance following admission.

In today's economic and social environment, admission to a first- or second-tier university has, for better or for worse, become a primary desideratum in attaining preference for the most competitive post-graduate employment and graduate educational opportunities. Students who, in the not too distant past, would have been readily admitted to, say, the University of Wisconsin or Michigan State, but must now often settle for, respectively, UW-Eau Claire or Central Michigan University. These last are not "bad" schools, in the sense that students who apply themselves will not receive a good education. Rather, they lack the cachet for the student looking to employment and educational opportunities beyond his college years. These considerations have implications for every college-bound student.

Advanced Placement (AP) Homework Requirements are Especially Important

Advanced Placement (AP) for students are no exception. Successful completion of AP coursework is a signal to college and university admissions offices that the applicant is prepared to function in a particularly demanding intellectual environment. It is therefore in the interest of the high school student looking forward to acceptance by one of the more selective universities to undertake AP coursework, even in circumstances in which the classroom material is particularly challenging. (Quite often, of course, what first appears an almost insurmountable obstacle turns into a challenge that can be overcome. That is where Custom Papers can be of such great assistance.) And there are considerations of university tuition expenses.

Superior AP Homework Performance Can Reap Enormous Rewards

Most American colleges and universities grant credit for successfully completed AP coursework. Earning university credit for such coursework is usually contingent on receiving a high enough score on a CEEB-administered subject examination. (These examinations are administered at selected high schools in May of each year.) Since Custom Papers' homework assistance program contributes to the student's better understanding of the subject matter and its ramifications, the student has better prospects for success on that examination.

And, as a corollary - one perhaps of equal interest to parents who may be helping foot university tuition bills - college credit granted for AP coursework completion reduces the overall cost of acquiring a university education. As students are well aware, tuition costs at upper-tier colleges and universities are a particularly onerous burden, with credit-hour fees reaching into the many hundreds of dollars. The student who successfully completes AP coursework in two or three subjects and receives university credit for it likely saves himself - or his parents - several thousand dollars.

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