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Paper writing websites constitute a competitive field. Why did you choose CustomPapers.com over other companies that offer writing services?

I would be more than happy to talk with you about why I think CustomPapers.com delivers superior papers. You are right, other websites offer similar services and some offer such services at a lower cost. Before I chose CustomPapers.com to help write and research my paper I must have looked at about 100 sites. There are many options for the discerning consumer. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that very few companies offered the very particular services delivered by CustomPapers.com. Some websites offered free access to their paper databases. That sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. Imagine turning in your paper only to discover that your classmate turned in the exact same paper. The problem with these companies is that they buy and resell papers -- that's why they can offer their services for free or at extremely low prices. Of course this leads to situations where the client's academic integrity is jeopardized. The low prices may seem attractive, at first, but consider the risk that you are taking -- the consequences of using such websites definitely outweigh any benefits. Other websites promise to provide custom paper writing services. But these companies often resell their papers to other essay databases. More importantly, their writers are often bombarded with assignments at low pay, a situation that leads to shoddy work. At CustomPapers.com you are guaranteed quality and custom written essays, term papers, or dissertations that are written by professional freelance writers. Plagiarism is not a problem since the contracted writer is basically giving rights to the client to use the model paper. Moreover, the client is guaranteed their work is not only original but customized to meet his/her specifications. The old saying, "what you pay is what you get" aptly describes the approach that potential clients interested in utilizing the writing services offered by CustomPapers.com should take. Take it from someone who has researched her consumer options -- CustomPapers.com offers high quality term papers at a reasonable cost.

Rachel, tell me a little bit about the process that clients go through when they order their papers from CustomPapers.com.

I have found that the assignment system utilized by CustomPapers.com is not only efficient but also consumer-friendly. First, the client informs the company of the information needed to successfully complete a paper. The system then sends this information to their contracted writers who have the option to pick up assignment. Then, the client is quoted a price. It is only after he/she agrees to the quote does the writer get the go-ahead to complete the assignment. I have found that other companies accept orders right off the bat and also demand payment on the spot. This puts the client in a risky position. What happens if no one picks up the assignment? Or what if the client has a deadline to meet? These situations can and do happen and without a system that ensures the completion of assignments the clients will find themselves unnecessarily stressed out. Thus, the assignment system utilized by CustomPapers.com ensures that the client's assignment will be completed in a timely manner. It's nice to know that your paper is in capable hands instead of worrying about whether or not a paper is going to be completed.

Have you been satisfied with the level of contact between you and your writer?

I have been immensely satisfied. I've heard horror stories from friends who also utilize custom paper writing services. Some other companies forbid contact with the client who has requested its services. I know that sounds illogical since an independent academic writer, after all, would benefit from communication with his/her client. Still other companies fail to emphasize the interpersonal aspect of research and writing a paper for a client. Their writers don't think that it's important to engage the client. Luckily, I have found that not only does CustomPapers.com encourage contact but that their writers also follow through with establishing lines of communication with his/her client. I am the type of person who likes frequent updates, just in case I might have an idea or a source that might be helpful. I have had good experiences during the past year that I have utilized the services offered by CustomPapers.com. Their writers are not only professional but also very communicative. I never felt uncomfortable giving guidelines or specifications. Rather, I felt that they welcomed my suggestions and did not have a problem keeping an open mind. Feeling comfortable and confident with your writer makes for a better paper, in my humble opinion.

Do you think that the custom essay and term paper writing services offered by CustomPapers.com are worth the asking price?

Most definitely. As I said before, "you get what you pay for." Why even risk receiving a poorly done paper -- especially during crunch time -- when you can rest easy in capable hands? True, you might be spending less but might find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you get your paper back with a low grade or are accused of plagiarism because the research was done by an incompetent writer. The thing that is great about CustomPapers.com is that their work is 100% custom written which ensures the final quality of my own research and writing. Moreover, they do not resell their papers nor do they release them to essay or term paper databases. Sure, you might be paying a little more than you would at other companies but you most definitely notice the difference in the quality of your essays or research papers.

Can you compare your experiences with custom research paper writing companies?

You would be surprised how thoroughly I researched custom essay writing companies. Of course, I should mention this was after I received a poorly-written paper delivered by a different company. I was aware that essay databases resold their essays so I knew to avoid them, especially since I didn't want any difficulties to arise because of plagiarism. Little did I know that companies that advertised themselves as "custom paper" companies also resold their papers! Luckily, I was not accused of plagiarism when I handed in my paper based on the provided research. Still, the company that I utilized ended up disappointing me greatly. Not only was my paper four days late, it was written so poorly I had to rewrite it completely again myself. I understand if the writer has other deadlines to meet or is not capable of writing on certain subjects. But these are things to consider before agreeing to write a paper. I guess you could say that I learned my lesson. I asked one of my friends if she could recommend any reputable web sites to me -- that's when I learned about. She let me know that she was satisfied with your work and trusted that I would also be happy with the services that you offered. When I emailed the writer and received her educated response, I knew that at the moment, I was in good hands. It's been one year since I first started using your research services and I haven't looked back!

Some people think that utilizing writing and research services is ethically wrong. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I have to disagree with you, and disagree strongly. First, I would like to direct you to the existence of a very large phenomenon. If students didn't need extra help why would there be so many websites that offer research and writing services? The life of a student is a busy and demanding one. I know from personal experience that sometimes it is just not possible to write ten page papers for four different classes especially if you have a job or participate in extracurricular activates, as many students in contemporary society do. Personally speaking, I want to experience all aspects of college life as fully and as deeply as I can. That means I have to prioritize my obligations. I may not have time to write a lengthy paper because I have philanthropic commitments or because I have intramural tennis. My perspective on utilizing such services is that it helps me make the most of my college experiences and to fulfill my potential on many different levels --which I would arguably say, is the purpose of college in the first place.

Do you think that utilizing paper writing services enhances or harms your learning experience?

I would have to say that it enhances it. Although I may not have the time or ability to write certain papers that does not mean that I do not participate in the writing and research process. I make it a point to give the writer careful instructions and encourage a system of feedback between us. That way, I feel that I am helping the writer do the best job he/she can. Moreover, I find that when the pressure of writing papers for required classes slackens, I have time to concentrate on the classes that I enjoy and/or are important to me. I am a pre-med student, so you can imagine how time consuming and demanding my classes are. With the help of CustomPapers.com I am able to fulfill my GE's. I may not be an expert in writing papers but I am certainly skilled in the hard sciences. This way, I am able to concentrate on the classes and the lab work that matters most to my educational and professional endeavors.

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