How to Perform Dynamite Research

The quality of the papers you custom-write often depends upon the research techniques that were used to compile information. Very few assigned research paper projects are on subjects that the student is an expert about, and even in those rare cases where the academic writer is an expert it is necessary he perform research to stay up to date on his knowledge. Unfortunately, many students have developed poor researching habits and they do not get the most out of their research time. The following steps will help you maximize your research time and thus help you to prepare the best possible and custom written research papers.

Choose Your Topic Wisely

If your professor assigns your topic, you have little choice in the matter. However, if you are given leeway in the choice of your topic, make sure to choose a topic that you know you can manage within the given parameters of the research paper. For example, it would be very difficult to tackle the subject of the United States health care system in a ten-page term paper. However, a report on a particular United States health insurance provider could easily be covered within those ten pages.

Frame Your Research to Answer a Question

Before you ever begin looking through any of your chosen materials, take the time to create questions regarding your research topic. Using words such as who, what, why, how, when, and which will allow you to focus on your topic's most important issues. Then, when researching, gather information that answers those questions and informs your reader about those issues. By forming relevant questions about your chosen topic, you ensure that the information you collect is essential to the final essay or research paper.

Choose Sources From Several Different Formats

When you begin to gather your sources, do not limit yourself to just one type of resource, such as books or the Internet. There are a wide variety of informational formats available to you, such as nonfiction books and magazines, online databases, academic websites, almanacs, scholarly journals, and biographical indexes. By varying the type of sources as much as possible, you increase your chances of compiling as complete a collection of information as possible.

Be Selective with Your Sources

When it comes to custom research, all sources are not created equal. There is a difference between what are known as primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources usually consist of raw data, such as original reports, interviews, or first-hand accounts of events. Secondary sources are materials that analyze primary source information to develop ideas about that subject. Generally speaking, primary sources are considered to be superior to secondary sources, and most academic institutions require that the majority of research material be comprised of primary sources.

Cite as You Go Along

Take the time to write out a complete citation each time you come across research material that you are going to use to develop your paper. If you are going to paraphrase or quote from any of these sources directly, be sure to record the page numbers where the information can be found. This will save you a great deal of time later by eliminating the need to search through your sources after the paper has been completed. Different custom academic writing styles have different standards for citation, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of your chosen style. Failing to properly cite information can be construed as plagiarism, and can have disastrous effects upon your future academic career.

Doing Custom Research - Form Your Thesis

While some academic writers may create their thesis statements early on, it is generally a good idea to hold off on forming one until you have performed a significant amount of research on your chosen topic. This helps to prevent any subconscious bias during the analysis of the collected information. Once your thesis statement has been crafted, every other words within your essay should be used to support it.

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