Tips for Effective and Flexible Copywriting

The ability to write effective copy may be one of the least understood and appreciated talents in the creative writing field. The best copywriters working today seem to have a knack for targeting the appropriate audience and motivating them in just the right way to send sales through the roof, and they often make it look easy. Because of this, many business owners believe that creating effective copy is simple and attempt to do it on their own. While some may create some viable web copy, most produce copy that leads to tragic results. The best advice given to business owners is to hire a professional to produce your web copy. However, if you are unable to hire a pro, the following tips can help you to create copy that will not send your customers fleeing in the opposite direction.

Know Your Audience

It is absolutely vital that you get to know the audience you are attempting to address. This knowledge goes a long way in determining the type of message you will create. For example, ad copy created for a retirement home should not be laden with slang used by high school kids, and an ad for the latest video game shouldn't make references to cultural events that occurred before 1980. Determine your exact audience and you will be able to choose the words, phrases, and references that will influence their behavior.

Write to One Person

Even though it is your job to determine the group of people that comprises your audience, when you actually write the copy you must write it as if you are speaking to only one person. The reason for this is that it is human nature to pay attention when a comment or statement is directed toward you. In contrast, it is easy to ignore statements that appear to be directed toward a group of people, even if you are included among that group. By structuring your web copy as if you were speaking to one person, you maximize the chance that each member of your target group pays attention.

Use Your Own Words

One of the most important things to remember is that web copywriting is about communication, not grammar. Forget all the rules you spent hours learning in your high school English class. It is better to be able to convince your target audience that they should buy your product than it is to make sure that your nouns and verbs have proper agreement. Effective and custom web copywriting is commonly used spoken language in written form. Choose simple words to convey your ideas, just as you would when speaking to a friend. After you've written your copy, read it out loud to determine if it sounds natural enough to persuade your audience.

Emphasize Specific Benefits

Consider your target audience to be as selfish as humanly possible, and you will be one step closer to creating effective ad copy. Your consumer wants to know what they will gain by purchasing your product or visiting your site, so you have to tell them with your ad copy. It is important to be specific as possible when describing the benefits that will be gained from purchasing your product, and emphasize the benefits that differentiate your product from competitors. For example, if you are creating ad copy for an expensive brand watch, you will not emphasize the fact that it has a watchband, minute hand, and hour hand, because any watch has that. Instead, you would emphasize the increased status gained by purchasing and wearing such an expensive brand of watch.

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