Researching and Writing Winning Application Essays


Do you want to custom write a successful application that will get the attention of the admission staff? Do you want to stand out above the other applicants? Taking time to think about the application essay, edit, and study other application essays are important. Knowing a few tips to write successful application essays will make the difference.

The first step in writing a custom application essay is to read the questions asked on the application form. Carefully ponder all the questions. Decide to write positive experiences that will create a positive attitude with the admission staff. Use the essay to reveal who you are as a person and as a student. Tragic experiences are not always the best essays to write. If using a tragic experience and how it affected you, keep the attitude in the essay positive. Show your strengths in essay writing and in life. Show your weaknesses in a way that the weaknesses make you a better person.

Let the essay show that you are a hard worker and have overcome obstacles. If you have poor grades, tell why you are a better student now. Let the essay show your writing skills as you take time to ponder what the essay needs to say.

Once you have done your homework and thoroughly read the questions, brainstorm what you believe are the answers to the questions. What are the main points? Why are these important? Create an outline with the thesis and premises. Next, write a rough draft. Always use transitions from paragraph to paragraph. Let the writing flow smoothly. In fact, the first rough draft should be written without thinking about mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Once the rough draft is finished it will be time to think about spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Write in the active voice and use action verbs. Show, don't tell. Use adjectives that will paint pictures in the minds of the admission staff. Let them see what has happened in your life. Use descriptive nouns and adjectives. Study the words to see if they are the best words to use. Get out a thesaurus and study different words. Select the ones that are best for the sentence and for the paragraph.

Always change the sentence structure. No essay should have all long sentences or all short sentences. A mixture of both long and short sentences should be used. Often using transitions words can be used to combine two sentences into one long sentence. At other times it is better to make two short sentences instead of a long one.

Do not repeat works in the essay. Get out the thesaurus and change these words. The thesaurus will give choices of different words that mean the same thing. Ponder the words in the thesaurus and how they can relate the same thing as the repeated word.

Always use the spell check on the computer and then read each word to make sure they are correctly spelled and correctly used. Some words the computer does not correct such as it, its, it's.

One of the mistakes that students make with admission essays is not taking time to write the essay and/or failing to proofread the essay. This is a mistake that authors often make and after several rejections they will tell you that proofreading is a vital part of writing whether it is a poem or a novel. Have a friend proofread your admission essay. Read the essay out loud. Rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. Revision is one of the most important keys to a successful and custom written admission essay.

Again, remember to read the admission questions. What are they asking? What are the most important points in the questions? Create an outline and then write the rough draft. Take time to proofread the essay. Once you have completed all these tips you will have a successful essay.

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