Need a Topic for Your Custom Written Essay? Brainstorm!


Need a topic for an essay or research paper? Need some help with supporting evidence? Brainstorming is a great way to find a topic for a custom essay. It also gives information that will help in finding evidence for the essay. A simple definition of brainstorming is to list as many things as you can for a set period of time. This list can be used in selecting a topic. The next step is brainstorming ideas from this topic. Brainstorming is an effective way to begin any type of custom written essay or term paper because it gives numerous ways to find different topics as well as helping in gaining supporting details that make the topic interesting. Here are some step-by-step directions to brainstorm a topic or to find evidence for a topic?

The first step to brainstorming is selecting a time to write down topics for your essay or term papers. Begin with a few seconds of reflection as ideas begin to come to mind. Write down any ideas even if they may seem silly. Build on ideas as you begin to list them. Write down everything you can think about during this time. Once the brainstorming is completed there will probably be five or six key topics that are of interest. Ask questions to determine the topic that you would enjoy writing more than others. Why does this topic interest me? What do I personally know about the topic? Do I know sources to use about the topic? Where can I find key information about the topic? These questions will lead to selecting a topic.

Once you brainstorm for a topic and select one that is interesting the next step is brainstorming for specific ideas about the topic. Begin by defining the topic. Write down as many ideas and facts that you personally know about the topic. Why is the topic important? What solutions are available for the topic? What do you not know about the essay topic? What are the concepts of the topic? Look for similar ideas and combine these together.

Carefully look at the topics and solutions you have listed. Use some of these solutions to make a thesis for the essay. What ideas can be used for supporting evidence? Make a careful evaluation of all the ideas and solutions listed. Are there any repeated ideas in the list? Set aside some ideas that actually do not work with the topic. Think about the concepts and solutions that are listed. One way of combining ideas is to write down a few key words and put items from the list under these key words.

Ask some questions about the ideas and/or solutions to determine the importance of these. Does one idea mean more than another one? What does this idea or solution have in relations to the key topic idea? Why have I listed this idea? How is it similar to others? Is there a connection with one idea to another? Why does this seem to be more important than another idea?

Use the best criteria for making the thesis and supporting points of an essay. Keep a record of all the ideas you listed on the topic so you can refer back to these later during the essay writing process.

Once you select the topic and the key concepts and solutions of the topic you will be ready to research the topic. Use the key concepts and solutions in the research. Search for information, quotes, statistics, and facts about the key concepts or solutions. Try a number of different ways of researching the topic and key concepts/solutions such as the Internet, journal articles, or books.

Keep in mind the ideas listed while brainstorming. Ask if any of these are listed in the research. Are there concepts in the list that jump out at you in regards to finding key statistics or evidence? Brainstorming is one of the best ways to search for a topic for your customized term paper or essay and in finding key points about the topic.

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