Using the Five Senses in Writing a Descriptive Essay


Do I really have to use the five senses in writing an essay? Many students feel writing descriptive essays is difficult especially if they are assigned using the five senses in the essay, yet most of us use our five senses in talking every day. Information using the senses is vital to writing a great book! It is, also, vital to writing a great essay. Most students learn through their different senses such as seeing or hearing. Imagine going to a class where the instructor only uses vision in his lectures without speaking a word. On the other hand, imagine going to a class where the instructor only lectures. The senses are a vital part in learning and a vital part in creativity.

So you are assigned a descriptive essay using the senses, what can you do? Let's break this down to the five senses beginning with vision. The topic might be dating. What does the girl of your dreams look like? What color of hair does she have? What types of clothes does she wear? Now, consider hearing and dating. What does the girl sound like? Does she have a soft voice or a loud one? Does she have an accent? Next, consider smelling and dating. What does your dream girl smell like? Does she use a specific perfume? Does she smell like roses? Consider the sense of touch and ask what your dream girl feels like. Does she have soft hands? Does she have a creamy smooth skin that is enjoyable to touch? Last, but not least is taste. Imagine kissing your dream girl. What does she taste like? All five senses have been used in the discussion of your dream girl. Writing a custom creative essay, research paper, or term paper is as easy when you think about the different senses. A descriptive essay using the senses is similar to this.

When writing about vision in a descriptive narrative, ask what you see. Can you picture the main character? What does he/she look like? What type of clothing do they wear? How tall is he/she? What color of hair does he/she have? Describe the other characters. What doe they look like? How many characters are in the narrative? What does the setting look like? Picture where the story is taking place and describe it. Is the character in a building, house, or in the yard? Describe the place where the action is happening.

Next, what do you hear? What types of sound would you hear in the specific setting? Do you hear a church bell? Do you hear sounds of animals? Are there people talking? If the narrative happens in a mall, describe all the different sounds. Clearly, visualize all the sounds that are taking place.

What do you smell? Do different people smell differently? Why? If the narrative is happening in a home, what smells might there be? For instance, someone might be baking cookies or pizza. The smells would be different. Think about different smells that happens in the story.

What do the main characters taste? Are they eating in the narrative? What foods and what are the specific smells? If the action takes place outside there may be different smells such as flowers or grass.

What are the main characters touching? What is the main character carrying? What does he/she touch throughout the narrative? For instance, in a mystery where a person steals diamonds, the touch of diamonds could be described. Another example is a love story where the man takes his woman into his arms. How does she feel?

Using different senses in essays, term papers, research papers, stories, and other types of creative writing helps the reader to understand exactly what is happening. It adds to the story and makes it more interesting.

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