How to Add Action to Essays


Imagine a movie without action. Imagine a story without any action. What a boring movie or story it would be! Action is an important part of any type of custom academic writing and researching. Action words are an important part of writing an essay or term paper. Often a few changes in wording can lead to more action in the essay. Often changing nouns and verbs make a complete difference in a term paper. When it comes to using action in essays, it is important to remember that action is shown more when the subject performs the action. Often students fail to understand the principles behind action.

Consider writing an anecdote using passive verbs. Look at this example:

The little girl had begun to play her violin.

She had to think about the words and the tone was beginning to get on my nerves. Obviously, she was not ready for an audience.

This anecdote is written in the passive voice. Take a look at the difference when using action verbs. The little girl played her violin. She seemed to think about the words and the tone dragged between chords causing the noise to hurt people's ears. She definitely was not ready for an audience. A few simple changes in words make a difference in any anecdote. While most term papers are persuasive and informative, it is still important to use action words. Look at this example:

One out of five women are hit or their husbands may use verbal words to hurt their feelings.

While there is nothing wrong with the way this is written, it could be changed to add more action to the sentences. One out of five women are abused by their husbands either from physical abuse or verbal abuse. These sentences add more action and catch the attention of the reader. Both examples are correct, but one has more action. Changing words to add action is important when it comes to custom term paper and essay writing.

A problem many students have is using passive voice. It is important to think about what is being stated and how more action can be added or changed to show what is happening instead of telling it. Often the mistake is made by letting the subject receive the action and not doing the action. Look at these two examples:

The ball was thrown to the little girl.
The little girl threw the ball.

The first sentence is written in the passive voice with the girl receiving the action. The second sentence has the girl performing the action. The main point to remember is the subject does the action in the active voice. The subject receives the action in the passive voice.

Often when a student writes in the passive voice the subject of the action is forgotten. Often prepositional phrases are used to show who did the action. Look at the example:

The ball was caught by the little girl.

The passive voice makes the main object the ball instead of the girl. Look at this example of the action verb:

The girl caught the ball.

In this example the girl is the subject doing the action. Remember the subject does the action in active voice and the subject receives the action in the passive voice in every essay or term paper.

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