Keys to Writing Great College Admission Essays


Need to write a great essay to send to a college for admission? Need to write a great essay for a scholarship? The ability to custom-write great admission essays lie within the realm of knowing where to begin and proofreading the final copy. College admission counselors want to know that a person can gather their thoughts and ideas, and then put these into writing in an essay. The essay allows the counselors to see how well a student follows directions and can successfully write an essay displaying their academic abilities in writing. Here are a few keys to writing a great admission essay.

The first step in writing admission essays is to take a close look at what the instructions for the essay are. What does the essay ask? What information is needed for the essay? Begin by taking some notes about what the essay is asking. Make a personal inventory about yourself and what your goals are for the future. What are your academic strengths and weaknesses? Have you won any awards in high school or junior college? What would make you a great student in their college? Why should you be given a scholarship? What makes you special? When you are sure that the information answers the instruction given, then begin to write a rough draft of the essay.

One of the most common mistakes students make in writing admission essays or scholarship essays is failing to follow instructions or specifically failing to answer the question or questions that are asked. The first step in writing a rough draft of the admission essay is deciding on a hook to capture the counselors attention. The hook can be a statistic, a fact, an anecdote, or even a few lines of a favorite poem. The importance of the hook is the ability to grab the reader's attention and to make the readers want to read more. Famous quotations make great hooks and can be easily found on the Internet. An anecdote with a twist of humor rapidly catches the attention of the reader. Do you have a brief story about your life that can be written in a few words? Another important step in the first paragraph is the thesis statement. It needs to indicate the purpose of the essay with a brief preview of the main ideas of the essay.

When creating the thesis statement, think about the notes you took as you considered the instructions. What do you need to say to answer the questions the essay is suppose to answer? What do you need to do to follow the instructions? Use this information in helping you to custom write the thesis statement.

Once you write the first paragraph or before you write the first paragraph, make an outline for your essay. This will help keep your ideas organized. In the first paragraph you created the thesis statement. What key points will you use to support the thesis? When you come to the conclusion in the outline, write down a few sentences to describe how you will close the essay. Remember a conclusion should give the reader a take-away value that will keep the reader thinking.

Many students make the mistake of being real personal about their lives and the problems they are experiencing. This is not a good idea. Counselors want to know that you are ready for college. If they think you are too stressed, it may go against you. However, a few key experiences that show you are an outstanding student is great.

Begin by writing a rough draft. Forget about the spelling and grammar and just write what you want to say. Once you have your rough draft written, begin to read the essay listening to the structure of the essay. Have you answered questions asked? Are you confident with the structure and content of your essay? If so, you are ready for the next step. The next step is to rewrite the essay using correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Once you have completed this, the next step is editing the essay. One of the most important things a student can do to have a great admission or scholarship essay is to make sure it is free of errors. Often students do not think little mistakes such as commas or other type of punctuation mistakes make a difference, but they do. Did you use punctuation correctly? Are your words spelled correctly. Often the spell checker will not catch all the mistakes. Have you capitalized all nouns needing it? Do your subjects agree with your verbs? Have you used transitions between paragraphs? Check for typing errors. Ask a friend or relative to read the essay. Ask them what they think about the essay. Does it meet the requirements asked by the college? Does it have any mistakes such as spelling and grammar?

Read your custom admission essay out loud checking for any mistakes. Once more check for any errors that may have been made. Now, you should have a great admission essay!

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